Female Yellow Rangers Who Got Fan-Shipped with Red Rangers

While there hasn't been any female yellow ranger canon ship with a red ranger, I'd like to show which female yellow rangers had a fan shipping with a red ranger.

It seemed like Mika Koizumi/first Yellow 4 was shipped with Shiro Gou until her tragic demise.  Later it seemed the chemistry went to...

Jun Yabuki the second Yellow 4.  There seemed to be some scenes between her and Gou Shirou as well.  It was fun to see how the two were that close and had some chemistry, both nearly got married to different persons and both really watch each other's backs.  

Some Maskman fans chose to ship Takeru/Red Mask with Haruka/Yellow Mask instead of Momoko/Pink Mask.  There's been some moments together but it was just professional, not personal.  In my opinion, this led to the Jason/Trini fan-pairing among PR-Sentai fans.

Natsumi Shinohara/Yellow Racer was also shipped with Kyousuke Jinnai.  I personally like her to be with Kyousuke Jinnai than for the latter to be with Zonette.

Marika "Jasmine" Reimon was also shipped with Banban Akaza until the arrival of Marigold/Deka Gold.  Sigh... she was also shipped with Tetsu Aira and Hoji Tomasu too but neither is canon as well.

Ran Uzaki/Geki Yellow was also shipped with Jan Kendou/Geki Red.

Some Shinkenger fans pick Kotoha Hanaori over Mako Shiraishi for Takeru Shiba.  Not me LOL.  I prefer to ship her with Chiaki Tani.

As of late, I might include Luka who is also being fan-shipped with Captain Marvelous in Gokaiger.  I'm in this boat! :-P  There's seems to be a lot of chemistry between them in the whole series as well, denying what they feel but that's just speculation.


  1. THANK YOU!!! Lol, Natsumi was pretty steamed when Kyousuke flirted with Zonnette. I'm a red and yellow shipper for some reason, I think because the bulk of the time yellow fits into the girl next door/tomboy type, which is my personality. Self insert lol. I don't ship red and yellow, though if it is blatently obvious that Red is with Pink or another person, but I will ship if Yellow is upset that Red is with that person, or if the person has fallen down a crevice and is frozen. You should read my Maskman adaptation. Takeru and Daria (yellow Mask) gradually fall in love after Mina (Mio/Iel) falls down a clift, although Daria has had a thing for Takeru for some time now.

  2. Actually, if you look carefully at the first 10 episodes of Bioman, almost all of Mika's character development involves Gou. So she definitely did have some relationship building up. Sadly, it got halted after her death. But yeah, it seems like fans love to imagine and expand on their relationship. I admit, it was interesting potential.

    I've never heard of Takeru x Haruka shippings before. Sean, how does it lead to a Jason x Trini pairing? Could you please explain? Doesn't seem to make sense to me. xD

    I haven't heard of anyone shipping Kyousuke and Natsumi before. Though I suppose that would be interesting. Seeing as how Natsumi is rebellious like Mika was.

    Jasmine x Ban, oh yeah. xD

    Haven't heard of a Jan x Ran shipping before either.

    Oh yeah, shippers are insane with Shinkenger. LOL.

    Yeah, I can see people have been arguing over pairing Marvelous up with either Ahim or Luka. Oh, you crazy shippers. xD

  3. @Fantasy leader-

    Concerning the Haruka and Takeru shipping, it's just my opinion that it leads to Jason x Trini shipping okay?

    I personally thought that there was also a Jun x Gou development going on after Mika's death.

  4. @ Sean

    Oh, I had no idea it was an opinion of yours. Since you said that "fans" developed Jason x Trini from Takeru x Haruka. Had no idea if it was your opinion or if you were speaking for everyone.

  5. There seemed to be a tiny bit of chemistry between Jin and Sara from Flashman...

  6. it's a good thing though that shirou never got "paired" with hikaru

    1. I actually saw someone pair them in a fanfic once.

    2. Actually in a fanfic I read once someone did pair hikaru and shirou

  7. Yellow and Red shippings are like unusual but I do agree that sometimes not all Sentai has a pair of Red/Pink. In Bioman episode I think before Mika died there is a chemistry and also with Jun. Maskman I will have to say Yes about it. In Carranger maybe. Jasmine I would have to say yes because they way Ban cares for her. Gekiranger maybe. On Shinkeger sorry but I would have to agree that there is potential on Takeru/Kotoha because you can see some hints. Gokaiger I will say a big "YES" on this because in every episode there is a connection I really don't know why but every time they are besides each other is like chemistry just react... I really adore this couple even before the rumors that the actors are dating in real life. Well in my theory Red/Yellow shippings sometimes work well many will agree on it or not but still we have to accept the fact that some fans are loving this idea.

  8. I like most of your suggestions but in my opinion mika/shirou wouldn't work given their personalities.


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