Gokaiger 15- The Arrival of Basco

Gokaiger 15 is pretty much of a turning point episode with the arrival of a new villain named Basco.  As a privateer of the Zangyack, it's not surprising his name almost makes a reference to the historical figure of Vasco de Gama a Portugese explorer who was also a privateer.  Also, I feel like he's a villainous Han Solo as he has a beast companion that goes with him.  His laugh is pretty disturbing plus he reminds me of wicked vampires from horror movies with how he looks... partly especially with the creepy feminine look.  However I really don't like the way he dresses most of the time.  He's got a pretty weird sense of fashion compared to Captain Marvelous.

He's really nasty... he has managed to steal the sixth ranger keys then...

With the use of his magic horn he summons duplicates of the additional rangers...

That's definitely A LOT there!

He kidnaps the other four rangers and leaves Captain Marvelous alone with five ranger keys.  Their rivalry is really on-set.

So how do I think of him?  One villain does come to mind...

Fiveman's Chevalier.  They both have a sick sense of humor, sent by the empire to straighten up missions and made the lives of the rangers of their respective shows go really crazy. 


  1. I dunno, but I find more Kamen Rider Diend than Chevalier in Basco. This being the answer for Decade, let's look at it: The Gokaigers fight by transforming into previous Sentai. Basco fights without even lifting a finger and leaves the job to summoning previous Sentai rangers (this being Sixth Rangers). He also has that "LOL, IMMMA TROLL YA NAO MABE-CHAN!" feel, like that trolling Diend.

  2. As of the first episode, Basco seems like a pretty unique villain, and a rather dangerous one as well. I personally love the way he dresses up. It's quite unique and subtle amongst Sentai villains.

  3. I hope Basco stays long-term. After one episode, he feels like the type of villain that Gokaiger needs. Someone dispicable, with his own agenda.


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