Some Sentai Gimmicks to Sell More Toys

In Super Sentai, there's always certain gimmick to sell more toys.  Here are some I can see:

I thinkt he first gimmick had to be the creation of the primary giant robots.  It went from just launch it into battle to the transforming and the combining.  

Creating different assorted weaponry in Super Sentai supplies toys.

The secondary robots were soon added.

Eventually combining two robots into one robot was another fad.

Creating cooler morphing gadgets as toys was simply one way to sell these kinds of toys.

The use of team power ups was later added starting with Fiveman.

The creation of various vehicles from motorcycles to buggies to jeeps or even the raptors from Abaranger.

The creation of the sixth ranger and beyond.  

And yup, sixth rangers had their own mecha as well giving them a more unique aspect.

Eventually there was more than one combining robot for the whole team starting with Kakuranger.

And the multi-gattai robots did their part too.  Some of them exceeded the combination of just seven as well.

Any more?  Let me know!


  1. Wow, if Japan really does put more effort into the toys like the actual objects from the show, they are definitely superior than the Americans in the toy industry.

  2. I think you pretty much got it all. =)

    I suppose the only other gimmick I can come up with are those little henshin/power collectables that Go-onger started.

    Go-onger: Engine Souls.
    Shinkenger: Hidden Disks.
    Goseiger: Gosei Cards.
    Gokaiger: Ranger Keys.


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