A Female Shinken Red?

I just read from other people's blogs that the "real" Shinken Red is a woman named Kaoru. So what about Takeru? So maybe Takeru is just adopted or this woman may be his older sister gone missing or something. I wonder what's going to happen with a female red ranger?! This I've got to see on what's really going to happen. However I hope Takeru will still prevail in the end. It's something that's really strange to appear.


  1. of course takeru will still prevail in the end. if the girl will prevail then it would be pointless to have a movie with go-onger where takeru is the leader. i have a feeling that she will be a one- or two-episode thingy only.

    having a female red doesn't mean she will eventually take over being the leader. think of it as a complementary member regardless of color.

  2. Hey have you checked the latest update from the Henshin Grid blog? He added some new pics for the female Shinken Red. She has her own Jii! Could it be that she is a half-sister of Takeru? You know, born outside the family that's why we don't hear much from her? She can't be an older sister because she just looks very young. But if she was Takeru's sister, probably younger and she might be trained separately.

    I think I should just shut up and wait for the episode to come out to find out what's happening. I personally think that Shinkenger has to be the most interesting sentai of all time. Not the best, but ranks among the all-time best. Shinkenger - first Kamen Rider crossover, first female Red sentai ranger.

  3. Female ShinkenRed kinda looks odd. Maybe Im not just used to it.

    Ya, I hope Takeru still prevails. He seems to be the, if not one of the, greatest Reds ever. Bringing him down would be very disappointing.

    On Henshin Grid, I saw that Kaoru will be played by someone who is younger, or at least looks that way.

    I wanted out first female red to be awesome. Recast Kinoshita Ayumi or at least find someone who is somewhat on par with her.

    We will have to see her in action to do final judgment.

  4. That's what i said about the go onger movie! Why is Takeru the leader in the movie?

    As for Kaoru, I would love to see them as sis/bro but that doesn't look like it would work out.

    I'm a dudette, but personally, even the the episodes haven't aired I cant stand Kaoru! :(

    Maybe it's because I love Takeru so much...

  5. I think that the movie takes place before the next episode. In the trailer, they are celebrating Christmas. In the episode preview they are celebrating New Years. So, the girl CAN be the real Shinken Red and the movie can still be considered cannon. I like the fact that the previous movie is considered part of the story as well.

  6. I think the new episode takes place After the movie. In the trailer for said movie, they seem to be celebrating Christmas. In the preview for episode 44, they seem to be mention celebrating New Year.

    I think it would be interesting if it turns out that Takeru was an imposter. There was a bit of foreshadowing of him turning into a Gedou in a prior episode. Imagine how epic it would be if he ended up being the final villain!

  7. I don't want Takeru to turn int a villain though it would be interesting if he has to choose sides between his friends and the Gedoushu.

  8. I'm a dude but i g2 say i prefere Takeru over the female shinken red.
    I mean it doesnt seem fair to Takeru who has to do all the work on the whole show while at last minute some......slut just kick him aside and take all the glory I mean WTF. Anyways if i'm right she wasn't given the title of shiba head cause i remember the former shiba head personally told Takeru that he is to become head of shiba!!!!This feels like some korean dramas which is so climax then near the end is what seems like the writer is drunk or sleepy and wrote some BS for the show.

  9. what happens is that my dear Takeru if he is the impostor, P
    Was hid kaoru but ru arto and decisions taken his Luger as she SHIKENRED
    is the true leader is not even a shiba shiba Takeru
    She is 8 shiba is the true leader shiken network is no impostor nor sister was born outside the q q does not belong to the family is Takeru -


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