Some Sentai Group Photos Out of Show

Here are some cool group out of show Sentai group pictures. Some I wouldn't know from where they came. Ha ha. Anyway it's a cool Holiday present for older and newer Sentai fans alike.
The Bioman cast prior to Sumiko Tanaka's arrival. I wonder why Yuki Yajima left.
While behind the scenes with a suit actor playing as a mechaclone and while
Hikaru Katsuragi is probably reading her script, the other four pose.
Hikari Sentai Maskman cast posting in the suits without helmets. Too bad we don't see them do that in the shows.
Those acting as the Maskmen villains pose for the camera.
The other four Livemen without their leader without their helmets.
This was supposed to be for the summer here it is- Turborangers in swimwear. They probably posed for this behind the scenes of that episode where Rehda turned some beachgoers into masks for some creepy reason.
The Hoshikawa siblings playing tennis. They're hot.
A Kakuranger stage show with the cast.
The Hanarangers are hot, hot, hot.
The Gaoranger cast doing their finishing move on stage.
The women of Gaoranger vs. Hurricanger.
The women behind Dekaranger vs. Magiranger.


  1. Definitely love the photos of the actors in suit (sans helmets).

  2. I REALLY wish the actors were actually the ones in the costumes... Why must they always have stunt doubles do the dirtywork? :(

  3. Wow one of your another best post with Very rare pics specially maskman n turboranger ones. Keep up good work


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