Super Sentai Rangers' Relatives

The fact is Super Sentai has had its own list of relatives as the series went through. NOT in this list are from Fiveman, Gogo V and Magiranger because they're sibling sentai and the rest of these are non-sibling Sentai. Sorry no pictures for everyone until further notice so only that specific character will be put. Like we have:


Red One had a missing father who showed up in episode 43-44 during the Satan Megas episode. As the series ended, he finally finds out that the scientist is his father. His father had an important role being the rival of Dr. Man in the area of robotics as his views were for good and the other was for evil, an idea that probably inspired the creation of the Rockman characters Dr. Light and Dr. Wily as well as Dr. Kubota vs. Dr. Hinelar in their friendship gone bad. In episode 48, he was captured by his long-time rival Dr. Man and he was revealed to be a cyborg. In episode 49, he reveals his past with Dr. Man to his son. He met his last in episode 50 when he sacrificed himself so the Biomen can escape Dr. Man's prison cell.

Sarah in Flashman met her father who was looking for her. (Picture to come)

Shunsuke Hino had a younger brother who got killed in a hit and run. He was only shown in flashback in episode 18. (Picture to come)

One episode of Turboranger mentioned Youhei Hama's aunt but only in a flashback. That is when he ended up befriending Rin who was pressured by Jarmin to kill the Turborangers or she'll lose her people in episode 27. (Picture to come)

Ryu Tendo had NO missing father but rather a comical grandmother that thinks he should get married soon. She thinks that her grandson's job as a ranger is way too risky and thinks his friends are bad influence without knowing what danger the world was into. He arranged Ryu Tendo to marry Emiko but a little gag of Raita Ooshi and Kaori Rokumekan somewhat worked. She was a "heroic grandmother" with a little Sentai Moment of Awesometicity that she used her own mirror to help the team against Mirror Jigen while changing her mind about what she thought about Ryu Tendo's duties. In the end, she's still as stubborn as ever. She wasn't seen during Ryu Tendo's wedding so I can only assume she died in between those three years after Vyram fell down.

Kaori Rokumekan's parents appeared in episode 43 to meet Guy Yuki. They were frequently busy and so their only daughter (and child) was alone. They met Guy Yuki and just kept judging him at face value- something he didn't like or so it seemed. Afterwards, they were not seen again even for Ryu and Kaori's wedding in the end of the series.

Raita Ooshi's grandmother appeared in the episode when the Tomato King in episode 47 was their enemy explaining of his fears. She was the one who revealed his childhood fears. Unlike Ryu Tendo's grandmother who was too active for her age, she was more of the typical sweet old lady who stayed at home cooking meals. She took care of Raita Ooshi while his parents worked in the fields during the day.


Goushi had an older sister who appeared on flashback in episode 15, who died at the hands of the Bandora forces. Geki was mentioned to have an adoptive sister.

Burai was the brother of Geki. The two were estranged as he was misguided and the witch Bandora took advantage of the situation. Geki was adopted into the Yamato family and when he saw the Yamato King kill his father, he swore revenge which soon was transferred to Geki. Bandora took advantage of the situation and gave him the Sword of Darkness. He fought against the Zyurangers and at one point even went giant. He however conquered the darkness in him and was redeemed from evil. However it was revealed he was technically dead and he eventually died for good after Bandora destroyed the lapseless room.

Dairanger:Ryu's parents made a flashback although his father made it in the actual scenario. His father is Zhang Liao so that makes Ryu half-Chinese aside from Lin. He sacrificed himself in the process so Dairenou can be formed- quite tragic isn't it?

Lin's great uncle appears in episode 13 as a master of martial arts. So far Dairanger is way too Chinese oriented.

Sadly Shaddam was a parent too- the father of Kou/Kibaranger and Akomaru.

Akomaru is the evil twin brother of Kou who is ironically ranked higher than their father Shaddam by his majesty the Gorma Emperor. He was at odds against his brother and at one point, his majesty fished him out from Diyu. He had an interesting rivalry with his brother too.

The Mystery Mother of the twins Kou/Kibaranger and Akomaru was an important key player- she was of the Dai and the father of her twins, Shaddam (whose soul is now in a clay body) is a Gorma so she has to deal with the pain of one twin is good, the other is evil. Tragically her life ended in the Christmas episode of Dairanger. :-(


Kenta Date's mother was in Megaranger, as a shop owner who sold vegetables. (No picture)

Chisato's grandmother also appeared in Megaranger in episode 28 who wanted her for a marriage interview even if she was only 17 years old and had to pretend Kouichirou to who she was attracted to, was her boyfriend.


Tsurihime's father Hakamenrou first appeared in episode 31. It was unknown to the team she was his daughter. He worked with the Youkai hoping to find Daimaou's weakness. When he found out, he was turned into stone but was restored at the end of the series.


Tatsuya's parents are regular characters. Wataru Asami (played by Fujita Okamoto of Turboranger fame) who is the father tries to control his son's life so a drift develops between them- something that is gradually fixed as the series is about to end. Time Force's version of him was almost too similar. In fact, both versions had it where they discovered their sons' identities as rangers.

Sae's father made an appearance in episode where Samurai Org appeared. He reappeared in the final episode. He discovered his daughter's secret identity. Alyssa's father in Wild Force was similar in some way.

Abaranger:Mai Hakua is Ryoga Hakua's niece. Her father is Ryoga Kakua's older brother implying that he was supposed to be a ranger but he died prior to that. Even her mother died too.

Eiji's mother who is an Ashu (making him a hanyo like Yamimaru and Kirika) appeared in episode 19-20 and back again in episode 48 to comfort Eiji. Her former lover Ouga disguised as her in episode 42 in an attempt to kill Eiji.
Only in the movie, Kouichi Akashi is Satoru Akashi's father who is a cryptology who wants to find Stingross. He gets into an argument with his son in that film. No reference of him is made in the series. It can be seen that the two just don't get along.
Natsuki's parents appeared in flashback in episode 44. They were from an ancient civilization that sent her away into a brighter future.

Ran Uzaki's mother is stern about her getting a husband. Well she doesn't realize her daughter is a ranger until episode 37.
Jan's father is Dan who has been in search of his son. We recognize him as Kenji Ohba most famous for being Gyaban of Metal Hero fame while he also played major roles in Battle Fever J as Battle Kenya and Denziblue in Denziman.
Nami is Jan's mother. She appeared in a flashback where she dropped Jan into a river for safety and she was murdered by Ron. That concept was kind of similar to Kamen Rider Amazon and to Cole's backstory in Power Rangers Wild Force seeing that Jan seems to tribute Cole except he's far too hyperactive compared to Cole who despite his jungle boy status knew how to lead the team. Hmm think also the number of times Sentai has given tribute to Saban's and Judd Lynn's era of Power Rangers too.


Takeru's dad appeared in Shinkenger's flashbacks 1, 12 and 46.

Ryunosuke's dad appeared in episode one.

Chiaki's father appeared in episode twenty one.

Kotoha's older sister was meant to be Shinken Yellow but she was sickly.

Mako's parents made an appearance in episode 34 where it had a dramatic point whether she should stop being a ranger or not. In the end, they respected her decision.

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  1. You should add Ran from Gekiranger when her mother visits Ran at SCRTC. It was the episode 37 when Ran was forced by her mother for a marriage interview.

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  3. Oh yeah, Chiaki's father also made an appearance at Shinkenger.

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  6. I may also add Eiji's mom in Boukenger. If i am not mistaken, she was portrayed by the actress who was MegaPink.

  7. More old school, but I think back then in Goggle V, we get to see Kijima/Goggle Yellow's father.

  8. you forgot kai/gaoblue's father played by the late hiroshi tsuburaya AKA shaider


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