Sentai Casts in Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma and Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma Spark

Okay this is NOT Super Sentai but it's still worth a watch for fans of Magiranger, Boukenger and Dekaranger. Here are some of the casts and I think it's worth a watch. Here are they:

During the first season we have:
Atsushi Hashimoto who previously played as Kai/Magired in Magiranger act as Hosomatsu/Raiden (not to be confused with the Mortal Kombat character).
Hiroya Matsumoto who previously played as Tsubasa/Magiyellow act as Senden.
Asami Kai who previously played as Urara/Magiblue plays as Kaguya/Shiden.
Mika Kikuchi plays another yet air-headed character in the series named Jun Terada after playing as Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink who was also air-headed. Perhaps her character somewhat parodies her Dekaranger character.
Banban Akaza sadly got pushed behind. He plays as Takanao Kuratonomiya who is Jun's sidekick.
Yuki Ito played as Tojiro, a character who Kaguya once had feelings for in the Edo era.
Meibi Yamauchi who previously was Lunagel in Magiranger acts as Ito, Teronusuke's sister.

When the second season came we have these added characters:
Mitsuomi Takahashi plays as Hayate one of the new characters.
Mami Yamasaki plays as Tsubame Mishima. This time it's a heroine lead for her and she ends up having some romantic tensions with Hayate. I just wonder if the two are really dating in real life?
Ayumi Beppu who played as Houka/Magipink in Magiranger plays as two characters, the late sister of Hayate named Hayabusa and a present-day character known as Ayumiko Kitabeppu, a pun on her own real name.


  1. The Sentai actors aren't the best actors in the world, but having most of them in one movie sounds awesome.

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