White Swan and Kibaranger Cosplay

Here's a cosplay event and I find this picture of a cosplayer dressed as White Swan beside a cosplayer dressed as Kibaranger. For MMPR fans, they'll recognize the costume as Tommy's replacement powers.


  1. I hope PR noobs don't think of White Swan as another Ranger. What losers.

  2. By the way, Saban wanted to franchise Jetman from Toei to be MMPR but if I'm not wrong, he dubbed and edited the series without changing the story.

  3. This is too cool! ^^

    Though I wonder if it's possible to get the wings on White Swan's suit. :P

    Anyway, the two of them look good together. Yay for white warriors! :D

  4. Pink... I mean, White Swan and Kiba Ranger! XD


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