Despite the Holidays, Still There's Action in Sentai

Well it's almost time to judge which Happy Holidays special is the best. Honestly speaking, I can't help but use this photo of jolly St. Nick making Rudolph pull the sleigh like that to demonstrate what I mean. Ha ha ha.

In fact in Super Sentai, none of the yuletide episodes (which by the way Christmas is more of a romantic holiday in Japan) were just plain- in fact as fiction as they are, they do get into the reality that crime rates do double during Christmas time just like when I read the morning papers that a money changer got nabbed just this morning so it makes more sense to put a good battle or two because villains do get nastier during a time of extra giving.

What are the focus of these episodes? Let's get some:

Don't expect the holidays to be perfect- in fact in a rather fictitious way, the reality that crime rate does double is true.

Tragedies can happen on Christmas. Dairanger's not-so-Christmas episode had it where the Mystery Mother played by Mikiko Miki dies. Too bad Kou spends Christmas without his mother and his twin brother Akomaru. :-(

The romantic episode- well Sakura Nishihori gets too much frustration about Satoru Akashi apparently getting a date with Eve (which some Boukenger fans paired Akashi and Eve thus pairing her with Eiji Takaoka in some fan-fictions) and it's on the romantic scene. Gekiranger has Melee trying to get a present for Rio. How sweet.

The importance of family bonding despite super hero duty- it was focused on Gogo V, Timeranger and Magiranger. Too bad Fiveman never had one episode like that. Timeranger was serious because on a supposedly happy occasion, Tatsuya's father grows ill and they haven't reconciled yet. It was my favorite special but most of the visitors didn't like it.

You've got to have a day for team bonding and unwinding to strengthen the team. I liked how Gekiranger had its own team building.

Comment: Too bad though Saban during the time he produced Power Rangers with Judd Lynn (the best PR seasons no doubt) didn't bother to insert the extra drama in Timeranger to Time Force's storyline- that is between Wes and his father in a Christmas scenario (which I think is kind of similar to Tatsuya and his father especially how it ended) and well, Ransik being the Scrooge. Too bad it wasn't placed for a great PR series.


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