Understanding the Events of Akibaranger Season Tsuu Episode Five Delusional Import

It's really a sad, sad thing that many people have actually misunderstood the whole issue of Akibaranger Season Tsuu Episode Five.  After I tried to crack on what could be the message, let's analyze the events shall we?

First it's all about Luna who auditioned to be an idol.  In here, Koichi Sakamoto who had been involved in BOTH Super Sentai and Power Rangers as well as Kamen Rider appeared as George Spielburton who is a combination of Tim Burton (who met Takeru Satoh), Steven Spielburg and George Lucas.  So pretty much, Luna doesn't know much bout Super Sentai.

So Luna the new Akiba Blue is what I'd call really ignorant about Tokusatsu in general.  After her audition, we see that she has some ignorance issues.  So after she saw somebody play with two Zyuranger (or maybe MMPR toys) we see that she thinks the Sentai stuff came from America with the show called Powerful Rangers.

So what does Nobuo Akagi do?  So Nobuo tries to lecture Luna that Powerful Rangers is based on Super Sentai though he doesn't specify it's bootleg.  I mean, you really need to understand that he doesn't call it fake either.  Only that it reflects the reality that most people call Super Sentai as Power Rangers because that's what has been imprinted in their heads.  Then again, it also shows the need for Power Rangers fans to know of Super Sentai at the same time.

As for the sudden change of Geki and Burai, I would say that they were still nonetheless Geki and Burai but more of a picture of these two groups- Super Sentai fans who can't accept Power Rangers is a legitimate adaptation and the other being Power Rangers fans who can't accept Super Sentai came first.  If you notice how jerky Geki and Burai were here, it definitely isn't Jason and Tommy talking.  No, it's more of Geki and Burai gone wrong because Luna's misconception altered reality.  They started calling the Akibarangers as fake because of the "what if" reality that happened.

During the reality shift, things go wrong that is when Gaoranger becomes the first Super Sentai and it was copied from America without permission which is just as bad as the accusation that Power Rangers is fake.  Now when we try to look at the scenes, they are merely telling people about the true history of Super Sentai and the people won't listen because reality has changed!  When they were defending Super Sentai, they weren't badmouthing Power Rangers but telling people of what really came first.  When you take a look at that, it actually parodies the whole misconception of what Super Sentai is and isn't and what Power Rangers is and isn't.  When Geki and Burai are restored to normal, it also restores the timeline to normal.

Nobuo plays the toy Zyusoken to restore Geki and Burai to normal.  But mind you, both the Zyusoken an Dragon Dagger MAKE the same sound.  They were trying to change reality back to normal.  After that, Geki and Burai return to normal thus returning everything back to normal putting Super Sentai to where it came first.  Then Powerful Rangers still remained as it should be and they don't motion at all to kill the franchise, rather they're just happy that reality has been restored.

Overall, everything here was a parody of misconception rather than a campaign to kill Power Rangers.


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