What I Think of the "Feeling Mature" Crowd as a Super Sentai Fan

Here's me about to turn 29 years old and somewhat still into Super Sentai.  To be honest, while I'm not really an open fan due to my age and two, it's more of my sideline obsession since Super Sentai for me is very secondary or tertiary to me.  It's kind of sad to think I'm a 29 year old bachelor, dateless after many years of break up with my ex-girlfriend who resembles Mika Katsumura.  So let's start with Sentai fans, not Sentai fantards.  Although I don't live the way like Nobuo does (that is overly obsessed with Super Sentai) but I'm proud of the fact that even if I'm no otaku, I still have a soft spot for Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, etc. even if I've moved on with more "mature stuff" like martial arts movies.  I guess fellow Tokusatsu critics who read my blog know the stupid reason why I watch Super Sentai.  It is possible to be a mature Sentai fan that is, liking the genre without being childish or overly obsessed with it.

Now I'd like to introduce everyone to these "feeling mature" crowd.  They can range from ages 10 (or maybe lower) or maybe unruly teenagers.  So why do they feel they are mature?  It's because of the stuff they do.  They try to do adult stuff and can be seen as troublemakers, rebellious to authorities, bullies, love to talk about gross stuff and you can get a longer list.  It really gets annoying they think they are so mature but WTF these people are really just another group of annoying people who waste their lives.  When they become teenagers, you could expect them to become real rebels especially with how screwed up society can be with the wrong concept of mature.

Whenever I see the feeling mature crowd, it reminds me of Ryuta confronting Prince not only for the whole city's sake but for his sake as well.  Which in this one, Ryuta reveals to the Biomen after he was beaten by Prince he was a real bully and a rebel back then.  Just made me think, it does hurt me to think if a feeling mature teenager was wasting his life and youth in his "I feel mature when I do this." stuff, I guess that triggers the Ryuta spirit in them.  That reminds me of the lines Ryuta said to Prince like, "Why are you doing this?  You are just a child!" and Prince replying, "I'm not a child, I'm an adult of 17 years."  Wow, those were very strong words by Ryuta!  I would admit that I can't help but feel that way considering that I still believe that they can still be helped.


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