The Use of Horses in Super Sentai

Considering it's the year of the horse, here's some horses in Super Sentai as far as I can remember...

Megiddo rode a horse at times to battle

Yuuma was Change Pegasus.  Okay the Pegasus is mythical but it's a winged horse.

Later, Shouji would be the Tenma (Pegasus) Ranger in Dairanger and had a horse themed mecha.

The Gingamen were horse riders.

Shinkenger had horses.  Takeru Shiba used his horse at times which he drew out of a mojikara.  In the Shinkenger movie, they all rode on horses.

The Zangyack had ther flagship known as the Gigant Horse, which was shaped like a carriage pulled by horse.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. Magiranger, the two mechas of Dark Horse Barikion, and Unicoron who was exclusive to the Magiranger movie.

    I think it is time to have a Ranger base on a Unicorn or even a Stallion!!!!

  2. Dark Horse fusion of Wolzard and Barikion = WolKaiser, Barikion + Magired = Fire Kaiser and Unigolon + Magired = Saint Kaiser. Horses in Magiranger are pretty much like very mobile add-on armor to the one it fuses with. There should be more mecha horse fusions in toku.


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