Trying to Understand Nobuo Akagi's Love for Super Sentai in Akibaranger

While the part that he's a 29 year old guy still into Super Sentai and so moe with Aoi-tan, actually it seems that the only Tokusatsu he likes is Super Sentai which can be evidenced in season two...

He sees every store in a Toku toy store but the only toys he wants are Super Sentai.  Plus over the course of season one, he only talks about Super Sentai.  You can see a Gavan toy but he only wants the Super Sentai toys.

In Akibaranger season two, he doesn't only say that you can't like Powerful Rangers (but doesn't call it bootleg neither do the others talk like he does) but also, when Prism Ace arrives and it was revealed within their own continuity that Sentai was going to be cancelled, it was bad news for him.


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