More Reactions to the Updates on ToQGer

Well Orends Range has as usual beaten me to this.  Now for some information aside from the obvious revelation that it's ToQGer, so what do I think?

I can't really expect much since Super Sentai is a career launcher for mostly newbies but I hope they get acting lessons.  So far, I'm thinking that maybe I will give it a chance or two, I'll probably leave this decade of Super Sentai to the little kids.  So they are childhood friends.  It would be interesting to have another group of childhood friends who become a Sentai group.  With the producer/director tandem I hope Yasuko Kobayashi will give them more charm than she did with the somewhat stiff Gobusters cast.

I can't say it would be a bad show just because suit designs suck imo and also the mecha doesn't impress me since I'm a very choosy person in some way.  I mean, I'll just admit that I didn't like the colored visors of Timeranger at first neither did I like the Shinkenger designs at first.  But maybe this rather simplistic design might be overlooked.

So they can change colors?  Weird but let's see where it goes.

So we have the Shadow Line.  I dunno whose idea is it to make them an underground empire similar to the Jashinka from Dynaman, Tube from Maskman, the Infershia from Magiranger and the Gedoushu from Shinkenger (but much deeper).  The villains look like British nobles and their names are General Schwartz, Baron Nero (what a fearsome name considering Nero was a notorious tyrant), Madame Noa and Miss Greeta.  So I wonder how they will operate.  So I expect with Kobayashi's style, she will have more cruel bitches to write about.


  1. It is too soon to say, this show will be the epitome of a kids show as colorful as Kyoryugers, Goseigers and Thomas the Tank Engine. The villains will be as jolly as a Sid and Marty Kroft villain.

    The costume are the worst, it now has topped the worse then GoGo V. The helmets are close to Oh Rangers.
    It's a matter of opinion, Timeranger looks rad and Shinkengers are at least classic and innovating.
    The Tokkyu Robo ain't hitech as Galaxy Mega, Daireno, Turbo Robo. But nothing is as bland looking as Change Robo. Big cone head and the mecha is lame.

    I am still a Sentai fan, the past series are keeping me alive.

  2. I'm not picky with Sentai. It's not really brash and hard to avoid like Samurai and Megaforce have been. The closest I've come to literally HATING a Japanese show is with the Tomica Hero shows, but due to it being foreign and having different cultural standards it doesn't bother me so much. With American stuff British people act like it's all so familiar and there's no difference to British stuff whatsoever!


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