What I Expect from Tokkyuger and Some Wishful Thinking

Well here's what I can expect from Tokkyuger with the following... and some of my wishful thinking to go along with it!

Producer is Takaaki Utsonomiya.  So he was the producer of Kamen Rider Wizard which for Shogo (picture is his, not mine), it's a bad show.  But so far he has worked with Shinkenger and Gokaiger.  Apparently this guy while he has great concepts (I even think Wizard is a great concept) he does tend to drag a season in the middle with the merchandise.  But overall, Shinkenger and Gokaiger are really notable for me.  Gokaiger for being a huge anniversary and Shinkenger for its modern day samurais mixed with a weird sense of humor.  Speaking of villains, I guess we might see more villains like we did with Gokaiger or less like Shinkenger but never so limited like on Gobusters or Battle Fever J.

For the writers:

If we're thinking of Yasuko Kobayashi, Shougo's diligent documentation above should help us see what to expect.  So we do think she did flop with Gobusters (maybe Takebe is more to blame for dragging her down).  But in the past, she brings in well conflict, character development and personality to her characters which wasn't so done in Gobusters.  But with Utsunomiya as a producer, I think she can be fully utilized again considering she worked with him in writing Shinkenger.  But let's think that Gobusters is her worst work.  Here's what to expect from her as a head writer.

Now for who I wish will get involved as sub-writers:

Toshiki Inoue as a sub-writer could be good considering he and Yasuko Kobayashi worked together a lot before.  I know some people may think of him as public enemy numero uno for some because of his lackluster Faiz or maybe for how he wrote a much different Eiji in OOO (note to self, got to keep persons in characters in my fics).  But even in his rather bad work like Faiz, there is still personality and conflict to which can help where Yasuko Kobayashi failed (remember he wrote a good portion of Ryuki a as a sub-writer and his only mistake in that time was Megumi which is more forgivable than Kobayashi's uncalled for ending in the show).  It's just so sad that during the time he wrote Kamen Rider Faiz and Kamen Rider Kiva, he was alone in Faiz (which got all his bad points out and nothing to balance him) while in Kamen Rider Kiva he worked with Shoji Yonemura (not good imo).

Just note to self, if you're having a Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi tandem, expect the following elements written here.

Naruhisa Arakawa.  I just thought that maybe he should also jump in considering he was the head writer of Kuuga to which was basically the start of how to write a good Kamen Rider series despite some minor errors (like how the final episode was written).  Being the writer of my favorite Heisi era Sentai, Dekaranger, and two being the writer of the comedy in Akibaranger, I think he can actually help in the humor side.  In his case, he is pretty well with planning most of his stories so I think he should also be involved .  After all he worked with Utsunomiya for Gokaiger.


  1. With all the dream team mentioned, I hope we get the same character formula as Shinkengers.

    On top of that, the costumes and helmets needs redesigning.
    The worst costume since Go Go V and the worst helmets since Oh Rangers!!!


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