My Categories as Types of Super Sentai Fans (Not Fantards)

Well I'm here to cater to Super Sentai fans, never fantards.  Now for some types of Super Sentai fans which I have categorized as:

The Gai Ikari type.  They love Super Sentai the most but they are either neutral or liking other Tokusatsu entries like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, Ultraman, etc. but for them, Super Sentai is the best.

The Gentaro Kisaragi type of fan that is the Kamen Rider fan who loves Super Sentai.  This fan loves Kamen Rider more but will watch Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Clearly not a Kamen Rider fantard.

The Nobuo Akagi type.  These are die hard Sentai only fans who may not accept anything else but Super Sentai for them.  They may dislike Power Rangers but not speak ill of it or two, they may not accept something else could take over Super Sentai. 

Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai or in short SS/PR fans.  Their subcategories are those who like Power Rangers more and those who like Super Sentai more.


  1. Honestly I'm a fan of martial arts and wuxia movies, specifically those in Asia. Shows like super sentai, kamen rider, garo, legend of the condor heroes, etc or classic movies like Fist of Fury, Once upon a Time in China 1 & 2, Fist ig Legend, Ip Man, Drunken Master, etc I just love with all my heart. I don't like powder rangers or most American produced action shows and movies, because its all about the explosions and less about a great story. However, Asian produced shows and movies give a viewer a good story and good action scenes.
    What kind of fan does that make me

  2. I would say I am a Akagi/Kisaragi fan. If it is a cool show with a good script then I am hooked.


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