Some Problems I Had with Gobusters

Gobusters, probably Yasuko Kobayashi's work either as a result of a burnout or two, Naomi Takebe's executive meddling.  While Naomi Takebe was responsible for two works which I liked namely Kiva (with Inoue) and OOO (with Kobayashi), here were some problems:

Great concepts, not-so-good to terrible execution happens.  While Yasuko Kobayashi wrote Gingaman, Timeranger and Shinkenger as a head writer while she was also the sub-writer for Megaranger and Boukenger (which were decent episodes).  For Kamen Rider she wrote Ryuki (which she wrote a rather absurd ending), Den-O and OOO (which the ending tried to imitate Agito's ending in a way).  Gobusters had interesting concepts like a virus big bad, sub-dimensions and the whole futuristic setting but executive meddling dragged Yasuko Kobayashi down IMO.  Unlike Kobayashi's other works, there was really less character development and dialogue.  Hmm maybe not even Inoue would be able to carry that out due to executive meddling.  I guess this is where I started to dislike Takebe after enjoying Kiva and OOO huh?

Kobayashi's weird sense of humor at a bad direction.  While I did enjoy most of OOO (and thankfully Ankh was no Masato Kusaka), I was thinking that THIS is utterly stupid.  Why do we have to keep having that Hiromu is scared of chickens weak point?  I can tolerate the weak points of Yuko and Ryuji but that whole chicken thing is just stupid that he freezes.  I can understand if he just gets scared but why freeze him?  If Inoue were a sub-writer in Gobusters, I think he might create a Chicken Meteroid considering that the guy also has a weird sense of humor.  For the humor in the show itself, Shinkenger's humor is far better than the humor here so why force it here if it's intended to be a more serious show?

The villains.  I thought there was a lack of villains for this show, then again having too many villains (ex. Boukenger) can also be a problem.  I thought that Enter was a real monster but, I'll just admit that in the end, he wasn't all that special either. Also I thought that another of my problems (for me at least) was that Messiah was so easily destroyed soon enough.  I was thinking that the lack of villains here was a weakness.  I mean, after Enter we have Escape.  For Messiah, I thought like Venjix all he was, was an impatient character.  For Escape, I'll just admit Tenaya in RPM had a better contribution.  I thought that Enter and Escape should have been with each other from the start, maybe add another villain and of course, if I wrote Messiah's plot I would probably resurrect him again in Enter's body. The only "positive" I can name is that they're all dead compared to Venjix who is still hinted to return.


  1. The Go-Busters were essentially living computers because they had been installed with vaccines to protect them from the meta viruses.

  2. You ain't B Sng when the con is Hiromu's fear of chickens. It is a dark show and they had to make it amusing for kids. Also I hate the young and inexperienced leader since Magired.

    Villains: YES!!! Enter and Escape are not enough.
    They could have Control,Space, Delete Tab ect.

    Bioman and Liveman in my book had the best set and number of villains ever.

    After seeing Kyoryugers and it doesn't look promising Tokkyugers look pretty silly!

    1. But at least Enter posed a real threat later on with the 13 cards arc which was my favorite arc of Go-Busters! You had Enter crush Hiromu's spirit which was the most effective way to defeat a Red senshi and his plan with becoming human and he was also an evil Go-Buster.

      Kyoryuger has been pretty good so far, but there has been some flaws in the second half I haven't been able to overlook. Also, don't judge Tokkyuger just yet since it hasn't premiered!


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