Super Sentai Villains That Were Beaten or Killed by the During the Introduction of a New Mecha/Combination

Some villains and not the monsters of the week were defeated by a new mecha/combination.  Here is as far as I can remember...

Warning there will be spoilers ahead as usual in the major plots analysis series so don't read further if you don't want to be spoiled.

Zimba was defeated by the Turbo Builder right after he defeated the Turbo Robo.  He was enlarged by Yamimaru.

Jarmin after she transferred her soul into the enlarged Kuroko Bouma (her other half) she was defeated by the Turbo Rugger.

Ragorn was defeated by the newly combined Super Turbo Builder.

Gasha Dokuro was defeated by the newly formed Kakure Daishogun resulting to his death.  His mad professor assistant died being squashed by a boulder.

Bacchushund was defeated by the newly introduced Ohblocker which made way for the Bomber arc and the Kaiser Buldont arc.  He was later surviving only as a head giving his last energy to his son Buldont so he can "grow up".

Ritchhiker piloted his all new mecha against the newly formed VRV Robo and was destroyed along with it.

Gurail was defeated by the newly introduced Mega Voyager which paved way for the Nejiranger arc.

Image result for ura gaoranger blogspot
Ura was defeated by the Gao Ikarus.

Chuzubo was killed off by the newly formed Senpuugoraijin.

Manmaruba was defeated by the newly formed Tenkuu Senpuugoraijin.

Warz Gill was defeated in piloting the Great Warz against the Kanzen Gokaioh which destroyed him from the inside.

Missed any?  Let me know!


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