Movie Review: Super Hero Taisen Z

So I really have done a review on Super Hero Taisen which was one horrible, horrible movie written by Shoji Yonemura who I love to call as "Patrick Star".  So we do know or realize that Kamen Rider is separate from Super Sentai if you've seen the Decade series which explains that the world of Shinkenger is a world without riders (just like the series involved in Nicktoons Unite all belong to self-contained continuities) plus Toei said it themselves that most Sentai series are self-contained.  Now moving on for this non-canon crossover.

Compared to Super Hero Taisen which is garbage in detail, read review here, this movie though it is still messy and mind you I don't like Kyoryuger's samba and dinosaurs (agreed so much to Shougo B'Stard), however this movie has some of its positive points.  It focuses on Wizard, Gavan II, Sharivan II, Shaider II (well I guess Shaider died with his actor) and the epic appearance of Gai Ikari.  This also had Suzuka Morita play as two characters- the cameo of Kotoha and Shelly though I doubt it there'll be another Gavan series. Also the story is far less messy than the other one which looked like as if it was a result of Spongebob and Patrick arguing over which franchise is better that is Kamen Rider or Super Sentai.

We have Geki Jumonji the second Gavan is sent to terminate both Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast because of the magic energy that is threatening the universe.  What made it interesting is that the Earth could be sacrificed in the process, to which of course raises questions.  Then we have the Kai Hyuga the second Sharivan (who played Retsu Fukami in Sharivan) and Shu Karusama (who played Kamen Rider Birth in OOO).  I thought this was wehre you seldom had the defy orders if they were against principles or the matter of sacrifices.  Also the whole Gobusters team apepars here in the flesh though too bad J-Stag was later shown in annoying cameo.

The whole plot by Madou here was to revive Don Horror when the Space Cannon fires.  This I would actually say that the mess of Madou developed Space Shocker which again, most villains like Doukoku are demoted to even less than extra.  Shadow Moon again is overused, I wish they used either Ouja or Bilgenia for that role.  I don't think Takashi Hagino would hesitate to become Ouja for this film, I mean Shadow Moon for me is bland and boring and he's been killed too many times in crossovers that is.  Rygar here had an important role in creating the trap to revive Sharivan's long time dead archenemy Demon King Psycho and that Psychoron that little bird robot was part of him, which Yoko was able to reach out to later when the inevitable happens.

Unlike Don Horror whose revival fails, here even after the cannon was stopped, Demon King Psycho revives and causes havoc.  Pretty much typical, he grows giant, must be stopped.  It grows dark and other heroes join in the last minute (which other heroes also joined in, in-between) to attack.  For me, the whole Kyoryugers' battle here was good for someone who finds Kyoryuger utterly silly.  The finale had the three mecha attacking- Babilos going cannon mode, Grand Birth (yup that fugly robot) and Dolgiram all firing together to destroy Psychorror after he was launched into space.  The ending had a better conclusion than Super Hero Taisen.

My rating?  6/10.  Not exactly great but still enjoyable for younger audiences.


  1. Super Hero Taisen looks great till you see the movie!!!!

    All it had was,fight,fight,fight and more fight.
    Most of the cast time was wasted as bit cameos.

    Characters does things to get them out of character especially Diend.
    Their was no way he would sell out and betray his allies by attempting to kill them!!!!

    The plot, wheres the plot. SHT Z looks cool at least it has a plot.


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