The Ki to Inner Power in Super Sentai

Okay I haven't written in awhile due to other passions that tend to make me drift away but I'll write whenever I can.  Now for my "ki to inner power" in Super Sentai which I was "inspired to write" by these lines from Chris X's "Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai: Another Time, Another Takeru"...

"Momoko, something is bugging me." Takeru, while on the way walking with Momoko, suddenly spoke, "That hand stance… what was that? Why does it make people feel a little better?" 
"It's my meditation gesture." Momoko explained, "It symbolizes self-healing. I suppose it is better than nothing for the moment with them. We used that as a power to fight… known as Aura Power." 
"You're teaching my team your Aura Power?" Takeru asked, confused. 
"Inside a human body, a mysterious power is hidden. With training and discipline, an infinite power can be obtained." Momoko said, "That is the basic of Aura Power. However, they lack training so they wouldn't be able to harness the true power of Aura Power." 
'Hm, it does sound similar with the Mojikara…' Takeru thought as he eventually noticed something, "What do you mean 'lack training'?"

Just made me think about this "Ki to Inner Power" which was also the title of the fan fic where Billy entered into the world of Dairanger.  Now here's what I thought and I like all of them:

Hikari Sentai Maskman was the first show to use the "Ki to Inner Power" or maybe it was Changeman, I dunno.  But Maskman was all about unleashing the potential fromt he inside with much inner body ki to unleash as a weapon.  Just when we thought it was the last we'll see of it, some kids were plain wrong!

Gosei Sentai Dairanger utilized the same concept of ki energy to the point that the whole show deviated from Maskman's technical for the show's mystical.  Yup, there's plenty of meditation in this show.

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger felt for me like going beyond that Maskman and Dairanger did with theri Ki Beasts generated from within their body and learning to unleash all that power.  For me this was the best use of Ki to Inner power plot ever.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger had the Mojikara though while I love the concept but I like Gekiranger's way of using Ki to inner power better than here.