My Thoughts on Akibaranger

Yup this was Akibaranger and to be honest, the first episode I watched was focused on that rather hilarious "Delusional Import" which targets all those annoying fanboys.  At first, I really had a close mind towards Akibaranger if all it seemed to me was "just a battle in your head".  But after checking it out, well hey I did miss and I mean MISS a lot of what I should have seen.  Being an adult who likes Super Sentai, I really realized this is a must see and I regret so much not giving it a chance.

Well for one Nobuo for me is an exaggerated mirror of myself.  In what way?  Well there is me sometimes calling Anime characters "my beloved" but that habit has been outgrown but unfortunately replaced by delusions with real people, being an adult who's still into Tokusatsu (but I'm not THAT open about it nor do I buy toys) and of course being impulsive and weird (I admit I'm a weird fellow) then again there's no total similarity between fictional characters to real people and EVEN between two real people.  For the other two characters namely Mitsuki and Yumeria aren't just blatant silly they are really well-planned which had some well-planned comedy.  With their adventures, it does get pretty surprising to think that the world of delusion DOES AFFECT our real world.  But could it be also that the message is we just need to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

Hiroyo is my guilty pleasure in this show.  I'm glad she's just not eye candy, Maaya Uchida does a good job in acting this character rather than just "standing pretty" for the whole show.  For one, I thought her plot of being Dr. Z's daughter added some moderate drama into the show or how she does get funny with how she runs the show.  Also there was a part of her that made me feel sorry for her during season one was when that scorpion tattoo appeared on her neck and could have taken away her voice... worse it was done by her own FATHER Dr. Z.  It really added some plot which explained why the Akiba powers existed in the first place giving her important role in the show.  I'll just admit she gives me that, "Drooling over a girl I'll never have scenario."

The recurring antagonist Malshina.  While she does have her comedic moments BUT I would not dare underestimate her considering that I'd say she still can kick ass.  Just a thought- she even outsmarted General Pain in Akibaranger season two (though I must see the final episodes of the second season to come up with a definite conclusion).  Just my two cents femme fatales are fatal opponents.

Dr. Z in the first season was the closing villain to which he was basically a Dr. Man parody from Bioman considering how less cool his appearance is but that's okay considering this is a parody.  For one, the whole backstory he had being a scientist obsessed with Anime was kind of funny but at the same time, lead to that more serious story where he literally wants to get rid of his daughter's voice with that scorpion tattoo.  So how could he disown his daughter over that Moe situation?  Made me think he might be a parody of corrupt business practices but that is just me.  The plot where he actually reforms his organization into an actual Toku empire for the closing episodes or where he really, really created Delu-Knight or how he set up the Akibarangers in the first place was a cool twist.

I personally think General Pain is funny with his plans which either screw up or backfire at him like how his creating Ten Spears for Hurricanger created an effect that he didn't expect- getting TEN DAYS instead of SEVEN DAYS in a week.  Hmmm I wonder why they decided to tribute General Kar from Dynaman.  So far, he always gets his arrogance to get the best of him which allowed Malshina to outsmart him eventually.  So he was a dentist?  Hee hee.  Now I must watch the finale... before I can really complete my thoughts.

Overall, I really regret not giving this awesome comedy a chance before!  Just goes to show how much I crab I was and I hope Akibaranger will change the way I write.