Haruka the Badass Kunoichi

I haven't done a tribute in a long time but I thought I should do a tribute to one of those Sentai girls I enjoy watching for better reasons.  Okay I don't find Haruka attractive but what makes her enjoyable for me is she is kickass... definitely a continuation of the badass Jun Yabuki was in Bioman though she had an unusual backstory.  Maybe other female ninjas were taught to be graceful and elegant but she is a badass which makes me put her in my list of favorite Sentai heroines.  What was known was that she was raised as a ninja and couldn't play with girly things, or was presumably taught to be masculine.  However, despite her being a fighter she was truly a woman at heart while also respecting the art of the kunoichi.  At the same time, she had her rivalry with Fuumin which was pretty fun to watch.  But the Maskmen didn't know much about her at first.

For one, it was really fun to see her test her might for the right of "super shinobi" against Oyobur and Fuumin, which I personally think she was really badass.  At the same time, she and Momoko had become very close friends in being badass females though I personally think she's the better fighter.  Her devotion to martial arts also taught those male villains a lesson.  For example, I really liked how she managed to save a girl from being bloodsucked by a parasite in a doll she gave away.  Really, it served Baraba and Oyobur right in an attempt to underestimate her.  As said, you just can't underestimate women like her and get away with it.  Her greatest episode was when she was ascending above her normal power and becoming more badass making me think she might actually kick the rest of the Maskmen, maybe even Takeru himself doesn't really stand a chance against her that easily.

Her friendship with Momoko was one of the most fun things to watch.  When they worked together, I did think of the times the the two girls worked together.  My favorite episode had to be how she and Momoko proved to Kiros that women aren't trophies you collect when the two fooled everyone EVEN the audience that they had gone bad.  So really, she and Momoko showed just how great the two are a team.  But again, even without Momoko she can come up with a good plan like when she rescued her dance student who was kidnapped by Baraba and stopped the plan of awakening the "God of War".  Eventually she showed she was always a great fighter who was there to help her allies.


  1. She is not as hot as Momoko but she is way better looking then Mai Tsubasa of Changeman or Kaori Rukamekan.
    Her style is mixed as she uses Chinese Kung-fu and also she studies Ninjitsu.
    Plus she is also a dance teacher and possible arobic instructor too.
    Also she is well endowed since Oh Pink's Momo Marao.


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