My Hesitation in the Past to Accept Newer Super Sentai

There was a time I was hesitant to accept newer Sentai I was around 19 or 20 years old by then. So here's me with a confession as a Super Sentai fan.  I had more respect for older Super Sentai and here's what I started to think...

In my case I once had my hard time accepting multi-gattai and having more than seven mecha but when I started to view it, I said, "Hey it's not half-bad."  But still, this wasn't the phase where I was ready to accept it.  In fact I was in denial that I freaking loved the new idea.  Gaoranger managed to work it well.  Boukenger not really but I still freaking like Boukenger despite its rather lame finale.

Abaranger and Hurricanger were two shows I once was hesitant to accept.  However the stupid reason of me beginning to see Abaranger as a Zyuranger copy or Hurricanger as a blatant Liveman/Kakuranger copy. After seeing a few episodes of Abaranger, I want to see more.

Some of the few things I complained about Super Sentai was the lack of action that the 80s and 90s had.  Or maybe I was more used to darker and edgier themes but overtime I got to accept it.

Before I accepted Dekaranger as it was, I thought that the idea of them hunting down wanted criminals approved for deletion rather than monsters of the week, while lacking the standard organization was bad. But hey, when I thought of it it's actually a fresh concept.

Guilty pleasure to guilty pleasure became another factor that made me accept newer Super Sentai because of the attractive cast.  Okay I'm guilty but this was one fact that made me accept newer Super Sentai but still... a stupid reason. =P  In fact, I would admit my shallow side does appear at times with watching Super Sentai. I'm just glad I didn't break down when Ayumi Kinoshita got married. =P

Meanwhile I had other distractions from Tokusatsu which was the world of Chinese drama and Japanese drama.  Mostly I got immersed into Wuxia more than Tokusatsu which I enjoy more.  However it didn't mean though Toku is out of the lost, I just liked it lesser as I'm now an adult but still I enjoy Tokusatsu.  Also to be honest, I was planning to dump Tokusatsu entirely for more "grown up" stuff but discovered deep within me I still had a soft spot for the genre and its sub-genre Super Sentai.  Eventually I grew to accept Kamen Rider of the Heisi era as well while still having a greater love for Chinese entertainment.  In fact, as suggested that's why I opened another blog opposite to this or my celebrities blog.


  1. I can relate to you with 2K Sentais. Though I cannot completely bash all of them or pick every 10 series. I can say growing up in the 80s and 90s it's not easy to stomach.

    When the Millenium began and the Y2k bug did not destroy the world.
    I was excited with Timerangers as it was a fresh new start for the series.

    The primary factor that I grow very apart to certain series is Like Time, Gao, Abare, Deka and Busters is the villain roster is less then 5 or only one villain in that group is the only threat.

    The second issue with 2K and now is too many robots. Sure Bandai can just make and sell toys and franchise the series. But it also has to mean something of story importants.

    When they introduce robots such as Galaxy Robo, Live Robo, Turbo Rugger, Dragon Ceasar and Wong Tiger. It was worth it cause the team and the show needed them.

    Then comes Gaorangers, that started the over the number limit with extra arms. Abareranger was the worst with useless apendeges and Kyoryugers x10.

    And yes finally, the theme repeat. We had to do Ninjas again, Dinosaurs, Cars and Dinosaurs again.
    Rumor has it Ninjas are the next in the list for 2014.

    It is no longer original but I am still a Sentai fan since 1993/1994!

  2. I have a preference for the older sentai shows as well. The newer shows have a ton of CGI and I find that to be a distraction.

    I also agree about the repeat motifs. If I watched Zyurangers already, then what's the incentive to see Abaranger or Kyoryuger or any future super sentai with dinosaurs?


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