Jun Yabuki the First Female Sentai Archer

So while I can't write a Mika Koizumi tribute thanks to Yuki Yajima's very uncalled for departure, so let's write it for Jun Yabuki who continued the job of the former.  So it was a dilemma for the Biomen when Mika Koizumi had died because of the Bio Killer Gun and they needed a replacement.  So Jun seemed to be just a spunky girl of sorts, shooting arrow and was unaware it was fate that drew her.  So she wanted to join the Biomen badly unaware she was going to be part of them and the others unaware that she had the Bio Particles in her body.  Shiro was hesitant to let her join at first because of price Mika paid to save the others but eventually, they made her part of the team as it was her destiny to replace her presumed distant relative Mika.  How she and Mika are related are never known except they may have shared the same ancestor and why the Bio Robo only picked the other four and Mika and didn't detect other descendants wasn't clearly explained.  So she proved herself a pest to Gear with her badass stunts and she and Hikaru at the same time became the female duo.  In fact I think her archery might even beat Mei's or any of the other female archers in Super Sentai.

Her first focus episode was when it was revealed she left the archery team and she could NEVER tell her archery team captain to why she left.  As said, it seems to be it's a rule of thumb for Super Sentai and Power Rangers to hide their identities even from their families and friends so she never told her secret or to why she was using lethal arrows for training.  It was only only her archery team captain saw that she was actually a Bioman and that she was part of the team to protect the Earth from Gear.  The best part of that episode was that after she lost confidence because she accidentally injured Shiro in battle, she regained her confidence and fired some arrows EVEN at Monster's butt.  Also, she somehow brought the Bio Big Bow technique when she came along.

As far as concerned, Jun was able to develop plans that maybe not even the rest were able to think of but in due fairness, Hikaru does contribute to her.  On the other hand, it seemed she had a chemistry with Shiro though the relation was purely professional.  Shiro watched behind her back like during her first focus episode when she tried to stop her archery team captain from interfering with her life.  So far, she has managed to do more stuntwork than the rest of the team.  She does manage to use her holograms to help the team and even outsmarted Psygorn or two, she really had a lot of stunts with her arrows.  Also one has to note that she did an absurdly dangerous stunt to beat the newly upgraded Psygorn and LIVED to tell the tale with no injuries whatsoever.  Another focus might with her lover Shota Yamamori who she soon left because of her duty to protect the Earth or when she managed to escape being a human bomb.  You might want to credit how she and Hikaru also stopped the sleeping operation by Gear. Eventually all these played a part moving towards the final episodes.


  1. The bow+arrow has been started by Aoranger of Goranger and a fair majority of males has used it as a personal choice of arms.

    But Jun Ibuki's skill in archery has also led the path of her fellow female warriors to use the weapon as there own.

    Also to add the exclusive attributes of what made Jun Ibuki her own as Yellow 4 and it matched.

    She actually wears yellow, her personality is much more mellow as it rhymes with her color no doubt, and her Bio attack is her bow+arrow.

    Miki wears red and acts almost too butch which is the future reference to Pink Flash Lu. And her Bio Attack is the yellow flash attack which Jun does not do and of course the writers made that a permanent exclusive thing.

    Did I forget Jun is just hot, anyway as Megumi Mori, Mei, Youko Yagami and Seiya aims and shoots their enemy, this could not be possible for Jun's impact as Yellow 4 mk II.


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