Some Things I Questioned While Watching Super Sentai

I grew up watching watching Super Sentai and there were questions I asked which these questions can exist also in Power Rangers how both are interrelated franchises.  Well since it's only fiction so it's only normal weird things happen like... and some of these goofs and unanswered questions actually make Super Sentai fun to watch.

For one, how can Japan survive having a giant robot monster battle every week?  Also, should I mention it seems to be the goof in EVERY season that after every attack, the city seems to be back to normal in a week or two before the enemy launches another attack? =P

For every organization that holds a huge warehouse of monsters of the week, why do they deploy only once a week?

What do those evil space alien groups hold against Japan?  In Changeman, the Gozma first tried to eliminate the Japanese military and why not destroy EVERY OTHER MILITARY around the world?  Weird... weird... and of course in Power Rangers what do those evil space aliens have against America or currently against New Zealand?  Also how in the world do they speak our language?

What is funny also is that why do sparks fly out of the body of most enemies even if they're not robots?

Why on Earth do MOST of their enemies explode?  Do they have explosive blood or something?

In some seasons, why don't they just destroy the monster enlarging agent?!

How long does it take for any Sentai gattai sequence to appear and why can't the giant monster stop it?  Also for robots with a cockpit where everybody fits in, when do they teleport?

Or my craziest question has to be...

How come many of the Sentai girls are so HOT?! =P

So there you have it folks!  Sometimes flaws in shows make them fun to watch!


  1. And also the power of Super Sentai, only in Japan of course. Why not in England, France, Africa, Australia, Hong Kong? I am not mentioning the U.S. as Saban already did it incorrectly.
    But then again, its meant to be for Japan and about Japan.

  2. There is a Super Sentai team in France. Behold!:


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