Space 9: The Kyurangers Summon Shen Long?!

No it's not Shen Long from Dragon Ball but I decided to make a reference. In the last episode, we learn that Commander Shou Ronpou could henshin. In this episode we learn a more about him. So what's the big deal with this guy? 

So I was wrong. I thought that the person in the preview was his father but instead, it was the former Supreme Commander Big Bear. We learn what a younger, more immature Shou Ronpou was before he led the rebellion. He was the first soldier of the rebellion and he was using an incomplete system. The clash between him and the two assassins Madoka and Ikagen goes all the way back. So how old are those assassins anyway? Big Bear apparently self-destructed to save Shou Ronpou who currently leads the Kyurangers. 

I love how Lucky develops in some way or how we see Shou Lonpou confess why he's very strict about insurbordinations. Shou Lonpou confesses that it's because his act of insubordination led to the demise of his mentor Big Bear. But this also has Lucky's character development. I admit, Lucky is an idiot but idiot red rangers aren't always the worse. Most of the idiot red rangers manage to develop and mature. Hopefully, we'll see Lucky develop and mature into a much better person.

I can't help but sing the Dragon Ball theme songs with this scene. After Lucky convinces Shou Ronpou that they are now one team, the Kyulette Globes glow summoning the Ryu Voyager as a result. We get what could be an intentional Dragon Ball reference with Shen Long. The Ryu Voyager asks for Shou Lonpou's wish which he wishes to fight for the Universe.

In turn, the incomplete suit becomes more complete.  The Kyurangers' mentor shows off his new complete suit. 

He also duels both Ikagen and Madoka. Madoka is supposedly killed but Ikagen escapes with her tentacle. I don't think it'll be the last we'll see of Madoka. I hope she'll return because ti's a disappointment to kill such a lethal assassin.  

In turn, we see Ryu Voyager in action. How this mecha will work with the other mecha still remains to be seen. It's been some time since had a Chinese dragon type of mecha. The first one was introduced during Dairanger with both Ryuseioh and Daijinryu. The "odd" thing about this mecha is that the dragon holds on to the Kyu Orb where Ryu Commander is piloting it from. Strange technology we have there!

So there's an end joke to call themselves Zyuranger. Okay that's Juranger and this ju means ten. But I guess it's because it's Zyuranger's 25th anniversary (I might write a post on my favorite episodes on it soon or not). Instead, everyone stuck through the name Kyuranger.

Next week is one literally hot episode. Kotaro Sakuma might be more than just an ordinary child. So how will the Lucky and Kotaro manage to save the Orion from colliding to the sun? I can't wait for next week's episode to see how they'll get out of this dilemma.


  1. yes, it is 99% dragon ball ref.
    You see at 7.45 there are 7 people (incl. shou) with 7 glowing ball.

    Nice if lucky would not become idiot and annoying as akaninger

    1. Nice observation on the other specifics I missed. Thanks.


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