When Them Idiot Red Rangers Appear

After watching Kyuranger for the past few weeks (and yes, expect weekly episode updates and I'll probably do some crossover movie reviews) I decided to tackle on a topic I've had been on/off for awhile. So Lucky's the red ranger and he's quite an idiot. But before him, there's been some red rangers who were idiots. I will do a 2017-backwards post similar to my post on Super Sentai seasons with red-centric tendencies with these red rangers.

For better or for worse, here's what I think of those who you may consider as idiot reds.  Note that some of these idiots are actually my favorites from their respective seasons while others just don't click with me. I wrote this because it's April Fool's Day.

Takaharu Igasaki/Akaninger

While I was pretty much "immune" to idiot red rangers but I think my problems with this guy is how the actor Shunsuke Nishikawa brought him out or how he was developed as a character. But I think my bigger issue is the actor and not the character himself. He does develop like every Sentai red but he just lacks charm for me. He does develop and become more mature.


Granted that the ToQGers were all children in the bodies of adults so I wonder if he even counts. ToQGer's main cast could have worked better if it wasn't for Yasuko Kobayashi's awful burnout. He does have better development and that makes him way better than his successor Bakaharu. But he still has a long way to go after ToQGer considering he's still a child.

Daigo Kiryu/Kyoryu Red

I have nothing against the actor Ryo Ryusei and that he landed on the lead role. He gets the job done and has done a lot of really cool fight scenes with the whole cast. My problem is how Daigo Kiryu can be too energetic to the tastes of Riku Sanjo and maybe that idiot producer Takahito Oomori. The character Daigo tends to be given too much favoritism to the point that he tends to overshadow everyone else in the show. His final battle with Deboss one-on-one makes Kyoryuger to be too red-centric. I'd still pick Kyoryuger over Battle Fever J though.

Alata/Gosei Red

He's an air-headed good guy but pretty generic for a Super Sentai red ranger. Yudai Chiba does a good job portraying the softer red. But still, I wish that he was made a bit better. I think Hyde may be my favorite in Goseiger though he does come in second. Still, I feel Goseiger's one show that I find to be pretty boring. Good thing next year's Gokaiger managed to get over the boring factor by a huge mile.

Sosuke Esumi/Go-On Red

It's no secret that I like Go-onger even if it has mixed reception in fandom. If I'm to pick my favorite it'd be Sosuke. I think the reason would be that Kyousuke in Carranger is my favorite. I really love how this guy may be an idiot but he still gets the job done. He's still got some intelligence left and he never gives up in his fight for justice. He develops to be a more mature person even within the more comedic atmosphere of Go-onger. His fights with various characters one-on-one make him one my favorite red rangers.

Jan Kandou/Geki Red

He's an idiot but it's understandable. He grew up in a freaking jungle and that's what makes him the way he is. He's got the whole jungle motif done better than what Kamen Rider Amazon had to offer with a jungle guy trying to fit in the city. While he may not be among my favorite reds and he's not my favorite in Gekiranger but I find him to be a fun character.

Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red

So why is he in this list? As much as I hate to admit it but Boukenger's really not that great as I used to think it was. Sure, I can still like it and rewatch it but Gekiranger and Shinkenger have better characters and story. He's pretty dumb and impulsive. Want to get Masumi back on the team? Threatens to drop him into the lava. He doesn't care too much about safety and he's just overly reckless. I guess this guy has been drinking too much liquor with the rest of his teammates or am I just speculating about that?

Kai Ozu/Magi Red

Granted, he's the youngest of the team so it explains why he's immature and whiny. Fortunately, he does develop. But there's one thing I have to say is that Magiranger's one of the series I would be putting in the low-tier list. Reasons? Well everyone knows how much I hate Houka the Loka though I would also put it on Kai's rather slow development.

Banban Akaza/Deka Red

Ban's one of my favorite reds. Although Hoji Tomasu is my favorite Dekaranger overall but I also like Ban. If Tetsu's my second then he's probably my third. Okay, I'll get really harsh so be ready. I always used this guy as one of my excuses to attack Power Rangers SPD's characterization. Okay, the SPD cast are voiced by the Dekaranger cast so I accept that. One reason why I could say he's better than his SPD counterpart Jack Landors is that he always tries to get the job done no matter how much of an idiot he is. His best moment was when he actually snapped Hoji Tomasu back into action or went as far as to actually find his predecessor just to get everyone back on track. Take that Jack from SPD! Oh, Sky Tate may be another person who'd want to think twice before starting a conflict with this guy!

Yousuke Shiina/Hurricane Red

He's my favorite in Hurricanger. Sure he's impulsive and impatient but he matures in almost every episode even when he's not the focus. He becomes more and more responsible as the team leader. Also, I would disagree with Shogo B'Stard that Shun Shioya is an awful performer or that we both have conflicting views about certain Super Sentai seasons. He gets the job done and Hurricanger's cast beats Ninja Storm's cast in the action department. He does display a lot of stupid behavior like he wants to take short cuts (and I can relate to that) then he sees the purpose behind every training. I think the way he develops in Hurricanger is one of the things I just love about the show. It's refreshing to see him as a more mature person in his later crossover appearances.

Kenta Date/Mega Red

The moment I saw Megaranger I ended up picking this guy for some reason. No, it's not just because me and him love yakiniku. Why I like him was because I could relate to him. I almost didn't finish high school due to my poor performance. He also had some crushes left and right. Sure, he started out as a slacker but he develops from a de-facto leader to someone who actually ended up leading the team to victory. True Kouichirou is the leader of the team out of suit but he takes responsibility whenever he's at the field. I feel like he's a remake of Riki Honoo from Turboranger. Take note that Riki's actor is named Kenta Sato. So maybe, naming him Kenta was in honor of the actor who played Riki.

Kyousuke Jinnai/Red Racer

I still like Carranger and I freaking don't care about the low ratings it actually had. Is it really the best comedy? Nah. I would probably want to watch other stuff or Akibaranger for laughs. But I don't deny how I really like him as a character. He'll still get that pathetic loser Tommy Oliver any day even if his brain tends to short circuit a lot. Tommy's just a joke like Hercule in Dragon Ball Z while this guy means business even if his level of intelligence may be quite low. He may be impulsive but he matures and he loses his cockiness pretty early. His best moment was when he proves his love for Lady Zonette by defeating a monster without transforming.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo

Should I even include him as he's my favorite character in Turboranger? I think so because I like most of the characters that I mentioned earlier and only dislike a few of them. Granted, he's hyperactive and tends to leap a lot before he looks and I am pretty much like that myself. He's probably the first idiot red but not as idiotic as another of my favorites namely Kyosuke. He did lose a lot the first day Seelon called the Turborangers to fight the Bouma. He does tend to get impulsive like when he accepted Rehda's challenge during the battle with Chomajin Bouma. But it's fun to see how he got out of many hard situations. His best moment was when he battles Ragorn one on one though it still makes my mind boggle to how he defeats the main villain by himself.


What do you think about these idiot reds? Right now, I could say that I like most of them for actually developing into really strong characters.


  1. Also to add as much as I love Kakuranger, Ninja Red Sasuke is a bit of a idiot as Tsuruhime did most of the thinking.
    Ging Red Ryouma is up there as a idiot as well as he is inexperienced and still guilt ridden over his brother's passsing and he did portray Sasuke!!!!

    Red Buster Hiromu Sakaruda is up there as a total dipshit as he isn't too experienced.

    TOEI are so persistent in adding young inexperienced Reds that makes no logical sense.

    1. Oh thanks for adding them up. That also reminds me that Sasuke and Ryoma are my favorites from their respective shows.

  2. You should put Yamato at here, he has many stupid thinking and actions in Zyuohger, lead the team to ridiculous situation. If you put the perfect and good leader Red - Bouken Red - in this poll, so you should put Yamato too.

    1. Hmmm now you mentioned it can you give me some situations where he shows he's also stupid? Also, I thought Bouken Red himself is super reckless himself.


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