Sentai Badass Moment: Kyousuke's Passionate Love For Zonette!

Destroying a monster out-of-suit is one of the rarest things in Tokusatsu. Most of the time, that feat can't be easily accomplished. But in a few cases, they were accomplished by the likes of Ken Hoshikawa vs. Amoeba Rugin and Eiji vs. Ouga (but it wasn't as good). Here's one scene that really is a very rare scene that's hard to find.

Just as Gorutsuki is about to make Zonette fall in love with Gynamo, we see Kyousuke do a jump punch then protect Zonette. While it's been too standard and common for rangers to do some attack then morph but this one ends up with heavy, heavy action. 

Yes, it's not supposed to be funny. Kyousuke removes his jacket then starts on an all out rampage. He does get hurt but he ends up showing more raw prowess. I felt like this scene may be more impressive than Red Turbo defeating Ragorn one on one in terms of choreography.

Well the monster Gorutsuki has a trick on his sleeve by controlling Zonette but this one gets really badass. My favorite part is that Kyousuke actually proves his for Zonette by embracing her and by professiong his true feelings, she gets purified in the process. I felt this was also a homage to Ryu Tendo's scene with Rie Aoi but it has a happy ending.

The conclusion has Kyousuke use the cake knife to defeat the monster. This one really ends up has one of the most badass out of suit scenes in Super Sentai history. Too bad we don't get scenes as badass as these anymore in Super Sentai these days.


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