Five Reasons Why I Find Hurricanger Better Than Ninja Storm

I saw Ninja Storm prior to Hurricanger. After watching Hurricanger I couldn't take a look at Ninja Storm the same way again. I just don't feel like rewatching Ninja Storm compared to Hurricanger. Now it's time for me to write my five personal but not shallow reasons to why I prefer Hurricanger over Ninja Storm. Take note though that I still like Liveman over Hurricanger which I'm still figuring out five reasons to defend that stand but it feels like apples and oranges. =P

I find the main cast of Hurricanger being able to do their job better than Ninja Storm's main cast in the area of acting

The main cast of Ninja Storm get the job done in the acting department. I think the people in Hurricanger are more convincing to what they're intended to portray than the cast of Ninja Storm. Nao Nagasawa's not better than Sally Martin because she's hotter but because she really knows how to act. Sally could still act, I'd still hire her to play a role in my show if I were a director because she gets the job done but I think Nao stands out better. I can't forget how Nao managed to convince me her guest role in Kamen Rider W is an airhead while she's one badass teacher in Kamen Rider Fourze. Shun Shioya really convinces me that Yousuke is an idiot red ranger. I still feel they're all worth hiring but I think the Hurricanger cast did a better job.

No Hannah Montana type acting involved for Hurricanger

I remembered why I didn't bother to rewatch Ninja Storm even before I saw Hurricanger can be summed up into two characters: MARA AND KAPRI. Both Mara and Kapri tend to act like Hannah Montana while Wendinu and Furaibijou are more genuine threats to the Hurricangers. Villains are meant to be hated but it's supposed to be that you love to hate them because they know how to make the lives of the heroes miserable. Unfortunately, I hate Mara and Kapri because of their Hannah Montana like behavior. 

Better out of suit fight scenes

Okay, I admit I don't like the turn Super Sentai has had in toning down its action scenes during the post-Timeranger era. But I would admit that Hurricanger actually does better action scenes. It's not that Ninja Storm's original action scenes are horrible. You want a fight scene? Ninja Storm still gives it and delivers it but Hurricanger has better choreography with its out of suit fight scenes.

Better plot development and introduction of characters

Hurricanger's 51 episode count in contrast to Ninja Storm's 38 episode count gives a difference in character development. As I love to say it Power Rangers feels super-rushed with its 32-40 episode count. Hurricanger manages to divide the plot into several episodes whenever it's necessary to give enough backstory and development for every character. Ninja Storm just rushes a lot of these plots and it doesn't give me a good story. The Gouraiger arc was better paced than the Thunder Rangers episodes. I thought it was interesting to have the Thunder Rangers deceived by Lothor but the pacing was too fast.

Better sense of humor

Okay this is where people might say I like blatant silliness but here's an issue. I could go back to Mara and Kapri again vs. Wendinu and Furaibijou. Putting them aside I could use Shurikenger is a good combination of comic relief and badass. IMO, this is probably I think Super Sentai's humor is funnier than Power Rangers' humor.

Closing notes

Also, I thought about this one that I was pretty much hesitant to write this post because of my extreme favoritism for Nanami over Tori. Poor Tori! I tend to ignore that she's not a useless character and I tend to kick her down A LOT for shallow and pitiful reasons. On the other hand, I would say that Nanami is the better fighter of the two. But still, both girls get the job done one way or another.

As much as I like Hurricanger but I prefer Liveman over it (I may come out with better reasons now that I've seen both shows from start to end). Also, I've just recently presented why I prefer Kyoryuger over Battle Fever J but don't expect me to write about why I prefer Kyoryuger over Dino Charge (neither season appeals to me and I'd only pick Kyoryuger for the dumb reason that it's Super Sentai and I don't like Power Rangers) or some other Super Sentai/Power Rangers comparisons.


  1. how about your Abaranger > Zyuranger > Kyoryuger?
    I want to know bcs i only watch the least, and i want to watch Abaranger

  2. wahh i missed that post..
    looks like i would start watching it.
    btw, do you find good resolution video web for watching hurricanger with eng sub?

    1. Sorry I don't know any place where you can watch online. =(

    2. Do you like how Tau zanto only moves his mouth and that their mentor reason to not transform into a human again is that he simply forgot the right words?

    3. @Leonardo Farias

      I don't really comment on that one either. For me, Toku isn't really Toku without weird stuff like that. =P


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