Did Santa Claus Cause The Rise Of The Gaiarc In Go-Onger's Continuity?

Santa Claus may or may not exist in various Super Sentai seasons. The only seasons that made him real in their continuity are Kakuranger (where there's a bunch of Santa Clauses in contrast to elves and there's a Big Santa Claus in charge of them), Boukenger has Eve instead of Santa Claus and Go-Onger gave us another version of the jolly character.

Go-Onger's mythology of Santa Claus varies from the other Santa Clauses that Super Sentai created. In this case, it's unknown how Santa Claus operates but we know he doesn't live in the North Pole like the older stories would have. Instead, he lives in the Christmas World which is an alternate retelling of Kakuranger's Christmas episode. But did he give coal to the naughty ones as far as this continuity is concerned?

If so, nice job breaking it Santa Claus. It's possible that he kept giving coal to the Gaiarcs for being naughty until they had more than enough coal to make their world the way it is. I guess he didn't consider the consequences of his actions. He could have given deodorizing crystals or cleaning crystals instead of coal. By doing so, it's probably safe to say that it's really his fault Gaiarc rose to power for years to come.

Hmmm... wouldn't that end up making Santa Claus the "real villain" in Go-onger because he kept giving coal to the Gaiarcs? XD