Kyuranger 42: Your Father Or The Universe?

Next Sunday will be December 24 or Christmas Eve. This episode starts to kick off with the final battle though from what I heard, Kyuranger will probably end on February 4, 2018 but I can't be too sure about that. Now let's get down to business shall we? 

This is one interesting thing to see how Jark Matter's headquarters is one huge fortress. It's also later revealed that they've been collecting Planesium to create a giant bomb that would destroy the whole Universe. Oh boy, am I getting a LOT and I mean a lot of pop culture references? So why does Don Armage want to destroy the Universe so badly? Is he trying to pull off what Apocalypse did in the 90s X-Men cartoon series? Is Don Armage like Apocalypse? 

We get to see some beautiful CGI battles. We know that the enemy is always well-prepared when it comes to defending their territory. Sure, the villains can be so stupid but it doesn't mean you can underestimate them. Is it me or was there a bit of Star Wars music played at the start before Kyuranger's fight theme kicked in?

What should be interesting is that the three Vice Shoguns have been merged into one entity. I find this to be WTF funny. They were all previously destroyed and they're back as one entity. Just consider having three of the worst political cronies rolled into one monster.

 It's time to develop Lucky from a Gary Stu back to a person with doubts again isn't it? He seeks to liberate his father by destroying the mind control helmet. After Aslan invades the base, Tsurugi comes in. This is where flaws are revealed yet again. Stinger confronts Lucky about the past. We see a bit of flashback where Stinger remembers his brother Scorpio. Speaking of which, I wish Scorpio weren't written off so soon. It could be interesting if both Lucky and Stinger had to deal with the same problem together. Meanwhile, Tsurugi must decide on meeting Don Armage which gives me the chills.

I have to admit, the final battle with the combined forms was hurriedly done. I don't blame them for finishing off such a stupid combination so fast. I guess three heads is better than one but not if they're on the same body. Meanwhile, they're planning to drain the destructive power of the core.

The Kyurangers prepare to enter UNMORPHED. Yes, I'm expecting a bit of prolonged unmorhphed do it yourself stunt scenes from the cast before they morph when things get rough. It's like invading the Death Star itself. Meanwhile... there's another past confrontation.

An  old grudge is about to be nursed again. Just who or what is Don Armage? Again, what's with his plan to destroy the Universe? I suspect that he must be similar to GoGoFive's Grand Bitch Grandienne. He must be the negative energy of the Universe and everyone has been fighting host bodies while he's probably an intangible form somewhere. I hope that the writers will give him a good send-off ASAP. For me, I'm viewing this part of myself confronting a past fear that I shouldn't face alone. 

Next week will be an exciting battle to have. It may be the conclusion of Lucky vs. Aslan as well as Madako. But what in the world is Don Armage up to? Will we see Tsurugi captured or what? Fans might as well prepare for the worst. You could consider Dairanger's Christmas Eve special where Kou lost his mother and twin brother. I suspect we may even lose Aslan like Luke Skywalker lost Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi.

As for the weekly review... you may expect a bit of a delay or much of a delay. I might even think of not giving any episode reviews until the New Year special. Until then, stay tuned for further details.