Christmas in Shinkenger

I had my thoughts of Shinkenger that I was kind of upset in a way that Christmas wasn't really fully featured in Shinkenger in any of the episodes.  Instead we have...

After the final defeat of Akumaro who planned to unleash Hell on Earth, the Shinkengers return home to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve with Daigoyou as the star.  Okay it's better than the Christmas special where the PR Samurai recollected their moments but still... could have been better.  I just had a thought on whether or not time became the constraint why a fully Christmas episode wasn't written or it became a surprise end.  Well, still an epic battle was a good gift for all of the fans. =)

In the Shinkenger vs. Go-onger movie we see that Mako, Genta, Hiruto and Miu got launched into Christmas world.  Strangely enough it was released on January 30, 2010 instead.  Hee hee.


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