Just Some Thoughts of Differentiating Megaforce from Its Original Counterpart Goseiger

Okay I don't know why I'm even writing this, I mean let's just say I think Goseiger's the weakest season for Super Sentai (not Go-onger for me) however I just had my thoughts on Mr. Smith's blogging and Rising Sun Tokusatsu as well as Orends Range's latest entry on them to where things differ one after the other.  While Goseiger is all about "angels" from another world who come to defend the Earth from the various factions that want to destroy it, Megaforce apparently goes into the teenager theme like MMPR was (seriously they should however stop using MMPR nostalgia and be more original) with them being chosen for being teenagers with an attitude.  My impression is that there's been some inspiration from MMPR with how the cast is dressed up but not entirely.  So looks like there's going to be more "original stuff" coming in but I hope nobody starts another fan war here.=)

If you want to share your impressions, go ahead but remember I will moderate them and angry comments aren't allowed.


  1. Hopefully the big difference between them will be that Megaforce has an actual script, unlike Goseiger, which felt like every detail from story to, whatever passed as "personality", was vaguely written on a ton of post-it notes.


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