Sentai Awards Part 5: Sentai Canon Pairing

Okay there's hardly any canon pairing in Super Sentai but there are some that really do exist.  Now this entry will be pretty short. =P

Most touching couple goes to... Takeru/Red Mask and Ial.  I would say this one because let's just say the first time I watched Maskman, I pretty hoping they would be together.  However the more I look at Maskman, I really got into the crack pairing (or random pairing) of Takeru x Momoko though I just had a super crack pairing of Takeru x Lin.  But still, you can't get ignore this official pairing.

Most tragic couple goes to Ryu and Rie.  Seriously for Jetman, I kept my fingers crossed hoping Ryu and Rie would be together but no, it had to go from bad to worse.  Radiguet is plainly a SOB for really killing all hopes of Ryu to be with Rie, sheesh can't he find other girls to lust after than Maria?  After I hoped they would be together, Radiguet kills Rie who had recovered from her false self as Maria.  Rie blames herself for crimes she did not commit at her own free will.  How sad really.

Best couple in Jetman goes to Raita and Satsuki- I thought that this had a better pairing than Ryu and Kaori. I just thought Ryu and Kaori was good imo (no offense Gai Yuki x Kaori fans!) but the Raita and Satsuki would have been a better wedding for the end.  Well they did get married in between three years before Ryu and Kaori got married so yeah happy they got married off-screen.

Most unexpected couple goes to Ryu and Kaori.  Okay as a huge fan of Ryu in Jetman, I pretty much sided with him too much under extreme favoritism over Gai Yuki until I realized Gai Yuki was still worth a character.  So I just had my thoughts on Jetman's closing episodes... after Gai Yuki and Kaori broke up but remained friends, she was the one who patched up Ryu's battered state thus may have resumed back their attraction.  I had my thoughts while watching Jetman's finale, I felt happy for Ryu and Kaori seeing that Ryu will eventually have somebody in Kaori.  But still, I thought they were more of an unexpected couple.

Most sad far-fetched couple goes to Tatsuya and Yuri.  Tears.  Why?  Well they are literally 1,000 years apart.

Most strange far-fetched couple goes to Domon and Honami.  So first Honami thought Ayase was Time Yellow but that's just to change.  So why do I find this strange?  Domon is back in the future yet he left a baby behind in our time.  WTF?  I do respect however some people who don't agree with me on this!

Best earn happy your ending goes to Asuka and Mahoro.  Here Naruhisa Arakawa takes the Ryu/Rie pairing

Most comedic couple goes to Kyousuke and Zonette.  I'll watch more of Carranger to discuss this over.  However I'll go for Kyousuke x Natsumi fan pairing anytime. =)

Most comedic villain couple goes to Yabaiba and Tsuetsue.  These two were pretty much like James and Jessie in Pokemon.

Most touching villain couple goes to Gure and Maria.  Gure was a villain, yes but he had a noble soul and he was willing to let Maria go if it made her glad.  He felt very upset when Maria turned into a monster by Radguet's insane schemes.  Maria's death scene dying in Gure's arms was really very, very sad.  Gure cried robot tears.


  1. Sean you left out 3 others,

    Changeman has Yuuma and Sayaka getting intimate.

    Dairanger has the doomed romance of Daigo and Kujaku.

    Boukengers give hints that of Mitsuki and Natsuki has more then just a brother+ sister relationship.
    Satoru and Sakura was last scene together in the final episode in a mission together and in the Gekiranger versus movie. Satoru does alot of theft almost double crossing to free the possessed Sakura by Pachacamac XII. There is a subtle fling between Bouken Red and Pink.

    And speaking of incest both Five Black and Yellow plays twin siblings. In real life they both where dating and tied the knot. Whether or not they are still together remains a mystery.

  2. Oh forget the villains, Turboranger has Yanimaru and Kirika as a couple. In the end, their love was still strong when they lost their powers and became mortals.


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