Handling of Police Themes in Timeranger and Dekaranger

Here's one theme I failed to notice between Timeranger and Dekaranger is the police theme.  So far, both shows have the concept of aliens blending among humans with or without a disguise.  In the case of Timeranger, it's in the 30th Century not in our timeline in contrast to Dekaranger.  Given, Dekaranger's era finally allowed aliens to roam among us more often than not then it could have led to the 30th Century. =P  What both series had in common was tracking criminal cases and now for the differences:

Timeranger was the first Super Sentai with a police theme going on around it.  The four other Timerangers who went from the year 3000 to the year 2000 were law enforcers who made sure time protection laws were upheld as constant meddling in time has caused some weird effects.  Let's just say some events in the Sentai VS specials have contradictory events (Ohranger vs. Kakuranger, Abaranger vs. Hurricanger) might be a result of the damage of the timelines but that's just theoretical.  Moving on, the Timerangers are in charge of recapturing the renegade aliens that were decompressed by Dolnero's gang to do havoc in the year 2000.  Typically speaking, every alien criminal that escaped wasn't killed but arrested by the Timerangers and placed under freeze compress presumably to avoid altering the timeline since killing Dolnero in the year 2000 had an effect to the year 3000.  Also, the corrupt cop concept might have been played by Captain Ryuya who violated the law in order to prevent his foreseen death.  Any mistakes here, kindly comment.

In the case of Dekaranger, it seemed to follow the Space Sheriff Trilogy in some way- for example, they are members of a galactic police force.  They are assigned to track down any dangerous aliens (called the Alienizers) approved for deletion.  So what happens is, if the Alienizer is not worthy of death, theoretically they just capture him or her.  However should the Alienizer be guilty of crimes worthy of death after they use their SPD Badge on them to confirm the status of the criminal with the Galactic court marked with an X, the Dekarangers then delete the Alienizer for good.


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