The Boukenger Christmas Special

I'll talk about some bit of the Boukenger Christmas special.  Hmmm... and I'll probably say this episode could have been done better if either Toshiki Inoue or Naruhisa Arakawa wrote it but it was still good imo... but could have been done better...

In this episode, Satoru finds out that a female Santa was the one delivering presents.  Hmmm... pretty confusing.  So this episode left me guessing that maybe, the population of the world has grown too huge that maybe, a succession of Santa Clauses was necessary.  However, it seems this episode can be reconciled with Go-ongers' Christmas World and maybe, just this year Eve was sent in charge instead of the current Santa Claus.  

It was pretty disappointing that the Christmas cake was destroyed and nobody believed Satoru that a "mini skirt Santa" was there.

It was also focused on the Golem of Middle Eastern myths.  I had my thoughts Eve was pretty stupid to give away the Golem to a child, hmmmm... she might have gotten a whipping after Christmas World found this out.  Or what would Santa Claus do to Eve?  Suspend her?  Probably.  Gaja obviously was looking for the Golem due to its destructive power resulting to a regular Sentai robot battle.

SGS had some Christmas evidenced by Leona designing her avatar Mr. Voice in such a way.  

There seemed to be some hints between Satoru and Eve which of course could cause any guy who wants Sakura to take the opportunity to grab her.  I would. =P

Eventually after another giant robot battle with the Golem, Eve leaves and promises to date Satoru next Christmas.  Hmmm... and also there's some jealousy from Sakura.  Just a thought, if Inoue was the head writer of Boukenger, he might really make Masumi want to court Sakura after this incident or something.


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