Dairanger's Focus on Kou's Birthday on Christmas Eve

Well it's December 24 and it's Kou's birthday I would also like to give some thoughts on it...

I had my thoughts on episodes 43-44 are a Christmas special yet it has a very dark, not festive mood which proves sadness can come anytime and expecting too much on the season could really make you sad.  It's focused on Kou on his ascension to being a Gorma.  His mom here no way Chokan of Jetman knows the time for Kou to become a Gorma is near.

What also makes these two episodes really intense is that Daijinryuu has shown up AGAIN.  Wowee.  I pretty much got scared with Daijinryuu whenever he shows up considering he can be a real douchebag.  Come on does he really have to destroy all of Tokyo to convince the fighting to stop?!  Worse now he's putting everyone under hypnosis and he'll make them JUMP if the fighting doesn't stop.

The focus is on Kou because unless he is purified, he WILL become a Gorma.

There's also much drama with Akomaru here especially when the Mystery Mother tries to get closer to him.  The relationship of Kou and Akomaru as twins is further elaborated.

And Shaddam shows just how despicable he really is as a father.  Wow can you imagine how he doesn't care about his sons?  That really makes him another complete monster aside from Radiguet.  Side note, I really wished Daisuke Tachi were the one acting as Shaddam here though some may not agree with me.

It's really a bummer that after their happy reunion, and after the Mystery Mother has purified her son from his Gorma blood, she had to DIE.  Kou got really awesome in this episode but at the cost of his family.  I really would say Shaddam is really despicable.

It could have been better if the Mystery Mother and Akomaru survived in the end yet they didn't.  Well... as sad as this Christmas special was, at least we are taught to think about others who are less fortunate than we are as a moral lesson.

At least in the end, Kou and Lin get a dinner together.  Relax, Kou's no longer a pervert after a couple of episodes.


  1. Sean, how about posting the Christmas episode of Kakurangers with the army of Santa Claus being corrupted by the Centipede Yokai.

    1. I haven't seen any screen shots for the show and I need to watch the episode.


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