Momoko the Fighting Flower

Well I haven't written a spotlight for a long time but I'll start writing some for my favorites soon maybe some heroines or heroes but I just thought I'll write more hero, heroine (I might write on Haruka next!), villain spotlight but I'll settle for Momoko the fighting flower.  So where do I start for her?

Well she was as a child, somebody who got lost and had once met the true ruler of the underground, the mother of both Igam and Ial.  She was lost along the way and found the Carol Love flowers that helped her find her way home.  Little did she know she was fated to fight to protect the Earth from an usurpation that happened behind the scenes by Zeba himself.  While she appeared to be a soft woman but don't let her beauty fool you for she can really prick hard with her thorns.  Along the way, she also developed a friendship with Haruka while having nothing more than professional interaction with the guys while for some reason, she and Takeru didn't have much interaction on-screen.  Moving on.

So in her grown up years, the Carol Love had bloomed again to which she never knew she would really use the flowers to stop the deadly red flowers of Tube that would spell the extinction of the surface world.  She had a strong attachment to the Carol Love, while she had actually tried to save it, she ended up using it to save the day.  It came to her for a rather bad challenge from a female underground monster only known as Skull Dogra.  She was teaching children Tai Chi Chuan.  What she didn't know was that she was set up from the very beginning to knock her down to her infamous weakened scene.  She fought out of suit against the monster until she was too weak to fight.  The result was, without her the Great Five got buried underground to which she felt was her fault.  It took the encouragement of the Maskmen to encourage her to get out of her shell and fight again.  Or one may want to mention she had an infamous affair with Girai Dogra who was disguised as a human- who truly loved her but was then turned into a feral beast so they had no choice but to destroy him.  She also had her smart attack with Haruka when it came to pretending to fall under the control of Kiros to rob jewels while having fooled everyone all along- including her friends.

Eventually she did whatever she could to contribute until the final battle was over.  In the end, she still was friends with the other Maskmen too.

Sidenote: In Chris X's Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai Another, she has officially joined Team 2 though that's just fanfiction. =)


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