Go-onger's Epic Battle with Santa Claus

Go-onger was the first Super Sentai season to incorporate the fictional character of Santa Claus into the world of Super Sentai as a real guest character, not just as a mentioned figure. So what do I really think about it? So here's my real big review and after rewatching it, I'd say it's really quite getting the MMPR "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger" special right with two episodes of wacky goodness... well let's get moving... and twas the fight before Christmas.

So here's a little bit of true holiday spirit from the Go-ongers themselves that they are celebrating Christmas in the trailer or that. Would have wanted it done in the Go-on Wings' residence though but still, it's a happy time and it's the family and friends we really enjoy.

Of course we have Santa Claus. I have a feeling I have seen this guy before... in J-Dramas or Toku. Regardless I wonder why he shaved his beard off and I find him hilarious. Quite the jolly old man yes, and old in the sense he gets backaches so easily. Hmmm... what were the elves thinking in giving him an unnaturally lifespan but never to restore his youth? So far, Santa Claus here may not get to kick butt but he's got a way more active part than Lord Zedd's plot to take over the North Pole. Hmmm for Power Rangers fans who like Go-onger, they might get a huge gush value over the two episodes.

The cleaning minister Kireizuki plans to ruin Christmas for everyone in a much bigger way, that is end the holiday with a big BANG. Quite more clever and despicable than Lord Zedd's and Rita's plan to take over the North Pole. So the episode would have ended but he revealed he had a clever trick. Also Santa Claus had lost his bag and he needs it. They eventually destroy him at the end of the special rather than just send him packing with Christmas ribbons and foil his plans.

Much charitable stuff here like the Go-ongers saving a hostage students is way better than the students receiving toys for the holidays.

I'd also give credit to the Go-ongers actually helping Santa Claus in finding his magical sack. Now only if they can get him to grow his beard back. At the end of the two part special, Santa Calus acknowledges the Go-ongers and they ride on the Dino Train instead of the usual sleigh ride.

Overall while Go-onger is really one of those weaker seasons, yet this holiday special is one of the best for me.


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