Super Sentai Senior Gathering Photos I Found as of December 23, 2012

Here's another package gift for the holidays with Super Sentai gatherings... 

While Kenta Sato does a thumbs up, Keichi Wada does a macho pose.

Kenta Sato on a stage presentation of some of the red rangers.

Keichi Wada and Ei Hamura with Riki Sato asking some questions.

The Sentai seniors on a stage play with the Shinkenger on focus?  Hmmm... too bad Kazunori Inaba wasn't here.

Three red rangers and who's the lady?  Can anybody help me?

Keichi Wada reveals those awesome muscular arms there...

After the Gokaigers returned the powers of the Gokaigers, they're celebrating.

Two reds and one blue- Five Blue, Ryu Ranger and Red Turbo!

Kihachiro Uemara are you featuring a new red ranger gathering?

 Will there be an Ohranger, Flashman and Dynaman special?  Ha ha!

Blue Turbo x Red Flash peace sign...

Keiya Asakura joins the reuinion in a business attire... cool!

Say cheese everyone!

Red Rangers singing together...

Let's get rocking rangers!

It's nice to see Kenta Satou sing again... awesome voice! 

Looks like they've just finished eating.

Triple red rangers getting ready for another Forever Red.  Oh Red, Red One and Red Turbo!

Kenta Satou with some Toku seniors.

Keiya Asakura and Kenta Satou with some Toku seniors I can't recognize.

Getting ready to fight now they have their ranger keys back!

Kenta Satou doing the cool sign, Ei Hamura with a peace sign and Keichi Wada ready to battle.

Another gathering of sorts with the legendary stuntman Kazuo Nibori.


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