Mysterious Cast Departures in Super Sentai

There were some mysterious cast departures that happened and I will start to write about them... why did these actors leave the set?  While others had reasons revealed, these ones didn't.  Now let's get moving... and if anybody can answer them with valid sources, I might write an entry here to honor you. =)

Diane Martin was eventually written off but not killed- the character was injured by Dracula Monster and left for the States.

Igaana and Zazoriya were killed in episode 15 of Goggle V.  They were condemned to death by Deathmark in order to reorganize the Deathdark Empire.  Why they left I don't know.

Mika Koizumi was written off in episode 10 while just completely in suit due to Yuki Yajima's sudden departure which still remains a mystery ranging from payroll to getting preggers to being fired.

In Turboranger, it was done in three episodes straight.  In episode 28 we see Zimba volunteer to finish the Turborangers, in episode 29 we see Jarmin condemned to death and in episode 30, Rehda is killed by Red Turbo while seeking vengeance for his master Ragorn.  Why they were written off are speculated from ratings issues to payroll issues.  Most likely it was payroll issues since it looked like if the Nagare Bouma were coming in, it'd be extra expense so they were given their separation pays.

Not that Tran died but suddenly, he was written off as a kid and was force grown into an adult.  It was a mid-series departure for Tran as a child villain then enter Takumi Hirose as Tranza.

Dr. Yugami Hagase- He was killed off in episode 31 of Kakuranger.

Update as of December 25, 2012:

Thanks to Fantasy Leader, I was able to get the fact that the actress who played Lije never left the show.


  1. Diane Martin left cause apparently her actress spoke English, and knew very little Japanese. Diane rarely showed up out of suit to help the rest of the team. It was a hassle. Seeing this, she was eventually replaced by the much more active Maria.

    I think it's likely that the three Bouma villains were written out to give Yamimaru more attention. Which honestly I think was the right decision.

    Honestly, I think they just needed something for Tran to do. Thus, the Tranza plot was created.

    There is nothing mysterious about Dr. Yugami getting killed off. He played his part in the story.

    Rije's actress never left the show. She stuck around to play the character, Kasumi.

    1. This maybe a personal opinion but reducing the number of villains in Turborangers was idiotic. Yanimaru alone before Dr. Rehda, Zimba, and Jarmin was killed off was already a formidable and complex character. When it was him and Kirilka together, sure they where a cute couple with matching red outfits but all he and Kirika did was to antagonise the Turbos with ego and occasional fights scenes and enlarge the monsters. It was all the writers and producers mistake in writings and maybe budget cuts. Dr. Rehda and Zimba where one of the top Sentai Villains that deserved more time!

  2. In Gorangers, Kiranger was portrayed by two actors and Characters as the 1st played by Baku Hatakeyama has commitments with a theater and was temporarily replaced by Jiro Durama who lasted 13 episodes and was killed off. He was the 1st Sentai member to die. As Baku returned and finished his run. Sadly in 1978, Baku hanged himself with the miseries of mounting debt, difficulties in getting roles because his Kiranger type casting.Akaranger Naoya Makoto cited that he regret of not preventing Baku'd suicide. Baku is the only Sentai actor who is no longer with us. He and Thuy Tran are both Yellow and deceased.
    Battle Fever J also has a actor who was replaced,Mido Ranger Yukio Ito who plays Battle Cossacks 1 left the show to spend time with his bride. He was replaced by Kikaider, Inazuman, Red Captor Daisuke Ban.
    Last in Sunvulcan the 1st Vul Eagle Ryusuke Kuwasaki relinquished his contract in Toei as he is a singer wishing to resume his music career. Fortunately he was replaced by actor, Takayuki Godai who would also portray Hakamenrou Tsuruhime'd father in Kakurangers.


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