My Comparison Between Tranza and Jin Matoba

Well I just thought that I'd do some slight comparisons between two characters namely...

Tranza and Jin Matoba... and not surprisingly Toshiki Inoue wrote the Jin Matoba episodes.

I began to think these two characters do have some superficial or deeper similarities (aside from both are acted by Takumi Hirose) like:

1.) They both have a prosthetic arm and an organic arm.  Nobody knows why Tranza had one but we do know Jin Matoba lost his thanks to his jerkass master.

2.) They both wore civilian and standard villain costumes.

3.) They both fought against the red rangers of their respective series with some seemingly unbeatable technique which was eventually countered.

4.) They both used kinetic explosions as a form of power.

5.) They both were both extremely bad-ass, sadistic villains that the heroes find them annoying.  They annoy the rangers of their respective series with their intense amounts of power, bad-ass moves and sadism.

6.) They both were both cunning and calculating against their respective opponents.  That is, they plan things ahead before setting another attack.

7.) They both prefer to attack the enemy on their own and they will allow no interference.

8.) Both were nearly killed by an opposing party in the form of the monster of the week while on a duel with the red ranger of their series. Tranza was nearly killed by Torpedo Piranha and in Jin's case by Sergeant Cannon.


1.) Tranza was a dirty cheat, Jin Matoba seldom showed a high sense of honor in combat.

2.) Tranza could care less where he fired, Jin Matoba was more focused on getting rid of martial arts masters he thinks should die.


  1. Toranza has more in common with Ley Wanda and Doctor Kemp especially Kemp. Jin Matoba has honor and does not enjoy hurting innocent people but only Martial Art Master as most are arrogant and deserve to die. With all the murders he committed he did got his in the end. Even though in numerous times Jin was playing for keeps against Ryo. Ryo still admired him and never gave up in attempting to help him redeem. Meanwhile Jin is the only villain played by Takuma Hirose that have a metal hand. Toranza is all organic but uses cybernetics as Doctor Kemp is known to use as well.


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