Female Femme Fatale Villains

I would like to try my shot in ranking some femme fatale villains.  A femme fatale is a mysterious and seductive woman using her charms to win a battle.  Some of them merely rely on deception to win than sexuality and seduction.  In French it means "deadly woman".  Now here they are so I hope you can all correct me on errors here:

Mazurka used disguises in her missions to fool people.

Mazurka used disguises to fool people.

Farrah and Farrah Cat- Both of them used disguises to fool people.  Farrah Cat was more than just an acrobat, she was also a mistress of disguise.

Ahames disguised herself as a pretty civilian and her true power gets unleashed.  Oh boy hate to be near her.

Dordora disguised herself as a cute girl to fool Fumiya.

Maria later used her beauty to seduce her victims when Radiguet turned her into a vampiric monster.

Lami was a rival to Mei in the art of disguises and deception.  Hmmm kinda weird how Lami's costume does resemble Dordora's too.

The Hanarangers were a team of femme fatales.

Zonette herself though she was in a comedy series, she wasn't to be underestimated with her feminine wiles can drive any man mad!

Shelinda may not be pretty IMO nor is she my type but that attire gives too much of a nosebleed!  

Venus from Gogo V also counts.  I wish Fantasy Leader can elaborate.

Shizuka aside from being a kickass fighter, she also uses her beauty at times to fool people.  Souta was a victim of that.  Now here's the villain from the list that will make me go oolala!

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. There are still more, Queen Ahmes disguised herself as a girl of Sho Hayate's attraction, Farah Cat who always disguised as a civilian, Fuumin as well and last but not least Shiburona of Mega Rangers.

  2. I could of sworn that Kegalesia did seduction to a few monsters and when she did G3P. I also thought Nai and Mare sorda tried to seduce the magi guys

    1. Hi thanks for the comment. May I request also can you be a follower of my blog? Thanks!


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