Super Sentai Love Polygons

In Super Sentai there are attractions where two or more persons do compete for the affection of one and here are some of the official ones... some are triangles, some go beyond triangles... so here are they!

Takeru and Kiros for Ial- Takeru truly loves Ial but Kiros only lusts after her.  I find this pretty standard hero vs. the villain who wants to have the hot chick that hates him that much type.  However quite well-written was Kiros' death caused by his own greed.  In the end, it seems nobody got them and there's only speculation whether or not Takeru and Ial ever will reunite and it's left to fandom.  I kinda find this bizarre considering Takeru is my favorite Maskman and Kiros is my favorite villain in the series.

Jetman had woohoo quite some complex ones.  Okay Ryu I think does like Kaori but he is still yearning for Rie, unable to be sure if he can love again and it gets more complicated when he discovers Rie has become Maria.  Gai likes Kaori but Kaori likes Ryu.  Raita has feelings for Kaori but he's more than willing to let her go and be with Ryu (he expresses how he thinks Ryu and Kaori look better).  I think this was a series of complications that happened along the way.  If Ako jumped in, wow I can't imagine especially she's just a minor.  I guess Gai Yuki is glad Gai Ikari can't see him because Gai Ikari will ask TOO MANY details on this!

Or this is quite bizarre which again is connected to Jetman- Ryu's girlfriend became Maria when Radiguet for some creepy reason turned her into a Vyram.  Radiguet then developed feelings for Maria but she always refused him but it was presumably lust since Maria is after all, HOT (yeah that was too bad for him).  Gure set aside the competition because he was in love with Maria and was more than willing to let her go out of love.  Radiguet was bordered on some kind of insane fixation with Maria (sort of) that he felt some heartbreak after he killed her when he couldn't have her so I wonder if he ever had other women.  Hmmm another bizarre one since Ryu is my favorite Jetman and Radiguet is my favorite villain in Jetman.  Gure's relationship to Maria was sort of like Vision x Scarlet Witch considering Gure's a robot and Maria is well... human.

Or this- Kyosuke and Gynamo for Zonette.  Okay Zonette also had other one shot suitors that were involved too.  Kinda whacked out but NOT nonsense at all.  Can anybody help me remember who the suitors are?

Fantasy Leader messaged me and informed me I forgot about the Ayase-Domon-Honami mess.  Well not that messy... just a misunderstanding where Honami thought Ayase was Time Yellow.  LOL!

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. Don't forget Lin, was attracted by both Shoji and Kou.


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