My Top Five Sentai Ally Deaths

In Super Sentai, there are also some allies that I considered left a very powerful death which was more than just a noble sacrifice- that it really left so much of drama in it.  I did read Fantasy Leader's fics for top three Sentai deaths and I personally have included them here... for Sentai allies... but here's my top FIVE:

5.) Master Kaku- I felt his death in Dairanger was quite powerful for allies' deaths.  He didn't want the Dairangers to know of his true origins that he was a former Gorma and all.  So what he did was to try and fight the reincarnated Shaddam for the position of Gorma.  He tried all he can to prevent Daijinryu from causing any interference with his plan to bring Gorma to a peaceful reign.  However despite all his efforts, Shaddam killed him and his death really crushed the Dairangers.  He should have told them the truth about his plan!

4.) Rei and Kanna- Fantasy Leader listed them as a couple and I will list them as a couple too.  I pretty thought that this death was quite powerful in the sense that their love really endured even with the loss of Berserk World (probably Junk World in Go-onger?!).  They wanted to team up with the Jetmen so they can by any means, be able to spend the rest of their lives on Earth yet they didn't get it.  Instead, while they piloted Jet Garuda (with Dan) into battle, they become victims of Radiguet's genocidal insanity who killed.  What the result was they could not continue their love, they tried to be together in death yet they could not even hold hands.  Radiguet really did a lot of damage here!

3.) Dan of Dimensia- Okay he may have started out funny BUT it's just bad how he had to DIE.  Like his partners, he just wanted to live in peace yet like them, Radiguet also killed him in cold blood.  Seriously after seeing Rei and Kanna die, he used his ranger form (he could have become Jetman's sixth member with a new suit would he have survived) and fought Radiguet that hard.  Radiguet however killed him.  Ako did return the feelings too late as he died.

2.) Kou's and Akomaru's mother- I felt that her death was kinda powerful imo.  All throughout she sought her son to get rid of the Gorma blood in him, while she was Shaddam's ex-wife and all.  She also had a feeling of sadness when she realized that Akomaru was her long lost son.  In the process of saving Kou, she died so her son may live.  Kou wanted to free her but it was no use.  I really felt that death was just teary.  I just thought her last minutes with Akomaru were also very powerful too.

1.) Kujaku- I really felt sorry for her and her existence.  So she was duped by a mud copy of Gara who believed she was the real Gara.  What I find powerful about her death is this... she was in love with Daigo (a mortal) and she was actually a goddess at that point.  Kunio Fuji's (personally I thought Toshiki Inoue also wrote Kujaku's arc :P) writing here is really blending everything well while it had its in between events (that is other episodes of Dairanger).  It just had a choice for Daigo- Peacock's tears that will save Kujaku and KILL all of humanity or Kujaku dies.  And yes, the love story was getting sadder and sadder.  Daigo saw Kujaku one last time and never saw her again.  No doubt, he met somebody else much later in his life.  I just had a LOT of tissues prepared seeing Kujaku's death.


  1. Ally death started Flashman with the Warrior Titan who died after dueling Baraki. Fiveman had the death of alien Gunther who stole Star Five from the Hoshikawa parents and died in a fight against Billion.Kakurangers had three deaths, Sandayu who is suppose to be there mentor but is never there when they need him, dies in a duel with Junior. And the Tsuchiya Twins as Jiro and Taro sacrifice their lives to save Tsuruhime from Hakaumaru and returned him from stone form.

  2. More subject disgusting to the characters listed. Master Kaku is not just a Ally but a member as well. He is both Mentor and Brigadier of the team and yes what made his character unique is he had secrets and demons and was the first Mentor to die. The Bird Garuda story arc from Jetman, Ray and Kanna in real life are both actually married and whether they are both still together is not known but they are both Sentai alumnis. Ray is Bun from Flashman and Kanna is MoMoko from Maskman. Future Triceraranger Dan who portrays Dan (wow that was easy). Had what to be a 6th member as his "true form" is partly a reused Blue Turbo costume. He would be classified as Bangai Hero as he only appeared less than 2 episode and he did not have a Traditional Sentai Spandex gear. Who knows what would have happened if the writers where thinking ahead of their times in Merchandising and series legacy with a 6th hero. The Neo-Jetman should have had a stronger episode count. I wonder if Gokai Silver could have any of those keys?


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