Some Funny Ways to Beat a Monster

Here are some of Sentai's funniest ways to beat a monster in no particular order and as far as I can remember:

Daichi Yamagata vs. Sumo Bouma- I really found those events funny especially how he used sumo wrestling against the rather funny monster.

Raita vs. Tomato King- Raita found he could actually defeat the Tomato King by EATING tomatoes!  Hee hee! :P

Kazu vs. Tofu Hermit- The idea to get the monster drunk was just plain funny.  It's one of the funnier moments in the rather dark season of Dairanger.

Shinkengers vs. Marigomi- It was a very funny physics lesson with them.

Any more to share?  Please comment.


  1. So many episodes so little memory, even though Jetman is not my top Sentai series . Two comedic moment still linger, the Ramen man episode where it was easily defeated as it drowened in too much hot water, the sound monster was defeated by a Geisha dragged dressing Raita as he screamed at the monster who went overloaded with his sound. Zyuranger episode with the Dorapig Centurion. It was defeated when Tigerranger hid a Magical Ginseng root in a Somebody which caused te monster to regurgitate there weapons and all the food it consumed. Even though it was cool but still funny, Kiba Ranger used his Howling Fang Rock Concert move on the Ear Mistress Goma monster. There must be more I missed.

  2. I'd say Urara and Houka cheering at (and punching) the Hades Beast Manticore was pretty amusing.

    1. Hi glad you found this blog thugh I wish you can also check out every other blog I made especially the one on celebrities. The celebrities blog has information also on Toku stars I'm trying to gather as of recent.

    2. Sean its time, a poll of the top ten Sentai opening theme and of top ten Sentai villain of the 36 Sentai series.

    3. I'll try to do that when I can.


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