Most Unique Sentai Weapons

Here's a list of Super Sentai weapons I find to be pretty unique and not too standard.  They are...

Goggle V's primary weapons were all gymnastics based.  Pretty cool really. :)  Nobody has thought of using gymnastic weapons for battle.  

The Prism weapons in Flashman.  I find them unique due to their crystal-like appearances.

The Rolling Vulcan from Flashman.  I pretty find this weapon awesome though, perhaps better not replicated.  It's imo the best Sentai bazooka ever!  All I can say is if I were the monster of the week or Sentai villain, I'd go O_o when I see it in person and see its power!

Jetman's Fire Bazooka was born from a... VEHICLE?!  Awesome!  I personally thought aside from the drama involved, having your car turn into a cannon in battle is no walk in the park.

Kibaranger's Byakko Shinken.  Not only was it carried around while Kou was unmorphed, it could literally talk and give Kou instructions!  I thought that Byakko Shinken really beats Saba anytime!  I have to say that Byakko Shinken was linked to everything about Kou and that it played a role in his maturity.

Gaorangers' Haja Hyakujuken.  Rather than the standard blaster, this one creates a new concept of a sword finisher than a projectile-based one.

The Dual Crusher in Boukenger.  I always thought having two modes for a finishing weapon is cool.  The cement mixer and the drill head are somewhat complementary to each other.

Shinken Red's Rekka Daizanto is not only that huge, it also converts into a bazooka! :P  All I can say is this- hey is it possible to wield a weapon like that with great efficiency if it's already made of steel?!

Shinken Yellow's Land Slicer.  It's the LARGEST shuriken I've seen.  I admit it looks pretty dangerous like a grass cutter.  Wow Kotoha has to be complemented by you people for wielding such weapon without hurting herself!


  1. Burai's Zyusoken a oboe like dagger that has a rather authentic design, and Mega Reds drill sabre a sword with a drill for a blade. MASKMAN's Shot Bomber had that proton pack vibe to it. And Turboranger's V Turbo Bazooka is powered by a V6 engine.


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