Super Sentai Dance Teams

Super Sentai had its own list of dancers. Here they are as I can remember:

The Maskman team danced to the tune of the Shot Bomber/Jet Cannon theme.

The Gaorangers performed at least one dance number for the credits, I think it was a special.

The Hurricangers danced at the end credits. LOL.

The Abarangers were also good dancers, something not put into Zyuranger.

The Dekarangers for me actually beat the Maskmen's dance skills. They danced at the credits and I love their steps.

The Magirangers beat Gogo V and Fiveman as they're the first sibling force to dance in the end credits. LOL.

The Gekirangers also danced at the credits. They also had one episode they incorporated dance itno their attacks.

The Go-ongers also danced at the end of the credits.

The Shinkengers had their own dance number in Shinkenger vs. Go-onger ending credits. So there are two Takerus who can dance now.

The Goseigers dance in their own number.

The Gobusters danced at the end of the credits.

The Kyoryugers were also a dance team themselves.

Updated as of: January 7, 2015


  1. LOL. Dancing. Always fun when it comes to Sentai. ^_^

  2. And of course don't forget Kyoryuger.


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