Face Value Preferences Between PR and Super Sentai

I felt like that there's been some face value judging between Power Rangers and Super Sentai preference. What do I mean my face value preference? It's because of some attractive cast members male or female as a means to target either male or female audiences or both. I think even some younger adults watched because of these. Let's go shall we?

Below are some of the cast members that I believe really created an impact on face value preference. Why? The fact sometimes, the popularity of a show is based on the face value of the actors/actresses playing which of course may leave a bias to view the other counterpart. How true indeed. Some people judge surface value too much.

Note DO NOT add pre-PR Sentai in the comments because I'm referring to choosing between PR and Sentai counterparts. Most of these are pretty subjective to me so you can always disagree with some things here, just don't post bad comments, leave them for hate fics!

For the males:

Amy Jo Johnson in the 90s was really hot. In fact, I still find her hotter, prettier and sexier than Reiko Chiba of Zyuranger and Natsuki Takahashi of Dairanger. In fact, I remembered how some people in the past before really degraded Super Sentai (not yet knowing of the existence of Zyuranger and Dairanger) because she was way hotter than pre-PR Sentai girls.

It seems her beauty was classic as I find NO other actress who later joined the set had her type of beauty which caused her to have a huge fan-base. When she left, I stopped watching the series too. As of late, I don't want to rewatch MMPR any longer after seeing Zyuranger, Dairanger and Kakuranger even if their women can't match up to her appearance.

Tamao Sato is kinda hotter than Katherine Hillard. No offense, I find Katherine Hillard cute but Tamao Sato is really pretty.

I do have my shifts between Chisato and Ashley... cos they're both hot in their respects. So yeah... looks like I've jumped into a biased conclusion. Eri Tanaka for me (final conclusion after updating this post too many times) is still hotter. :P

Juri Miyazawa is prettier for me than Melody Perkins.

Mika Katsumara for me is prettier than her PR Time Force counterpart Erin Cahill. Maybe it just because she resembles my former crush who I am still friends with. As for me though, I don't really find her pretty just more on the cute side. =)

Mio Takeuchi was a pretty face for Gaoranger. I think she looks better than Jessica Rey. However in terms of acting, both are just alike and Jessica Rey was anything but annoying despite her lack of ability to act that time. I think Jessica Rey however lacks the click to be funny but fortunately doesn't overact.

Nao Nagasawa is just plain hot. I find her hotter than Sally Martin (who's kinda cute). This proves that being white doesn't mean one's hotter. Now only if the Ninja academy would just stop enrolling for her.

Ayumi Kinoshita is probably the hottest Sentai actress making Dekaranger popular among male fans. I find her a LOT hotter than Monica May. As of right now, she has a very huge male fanbase. But she's more than a pretty face, she can kick ass too which of course her beauty would be useless if she didn't have the skills. She seems to have the best of both worlds.

Chise Nakamura I believe has a huge male fanbase for Boukenger. However I find her acting skills inadequate though but at least she's NOT overacting like Caitlin Murphy. She sounds much like a little girl.

Haruka Suenaga is a hot girl and I find her more attractive than Rhodissa Montemayor. She may be the main reason of Boukenger getting an older fanboy base. She can also act well too.

Rina Aizawa is prettier than Rose McIver which caused some superficial people not to watch a good series like Power Rangers RPM.

Okay this is quite overdue but here goes. Rin Tanakashi is way hotter than Erika Fong and not to mention more bad-ass and is a more convincing actress. She's also one of the most overrated actresses. She's who I vote as the "Amy Jo Johnson of Japan" over Ayumi Kinoshita. She's somewhat the hottest Sentai female to date for many fans. But to be honest, I'd pick an Amy Jo Johnson look alike over Rin Takanashi look alike if it's based on appearances. But they kinda look alike. :P

Ciara Hanna who will star as Gia in Power Rangers Megaforce apparently has broken the streak of usually having plain looking Power Rangers girls (some were still pretty though but not as hot as Sentai girls... :P) In fact, I think she looks better than Mihiko Niwa who I consider to be more on the cute side. As for me though, Rin Takanashi is still hotter than she is.

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For the females:

Okay this is just weird I'm writing this section considering the fact I don't fall for the same sex but I'm writing this for females. In fact, I feel like PR has also become a lady's show too and Super Sentai can be for superficial ladies as well. After all, who says action shows are just for guys?

Yuuta Mochizuki would probably be better fan material than Austin St. John for some.

Keichi Wada could easily fill in that hole. He's really that HOT with some REAL fanservice that Jason and Tommy lack in. He's got at least three shirtless scenes and he seems to be a predecessor to Rick Medina but hey Keicha Wada's no douche.

The infamous scene of the good looking Danny Slavin going topless for Lost Galaxy may have put more female fans for the series than for Gingaman. However some fans (presumably males) criticized this scene because he ripped off his shirt before doing his morphing sequence.

Masaya Matsuzake in Megaranger for me looks better than Selwyn Ward in PRIS but he's not really the hunky guy but still...

Shigeru Kanai kinda looks better than Justin Nimmo.

I believe Ricardo Medina Jr.'s handsome features accompanied by a really muscular body created a good number of female fans for Power Rangers Wild Force over Gaoranger (Kaneko Noboru was anything but a hunk). In fact, there were times he went topless occasionally for some reason- one episode had to be in search of the Soul Bird where he got the Gorilla Crystal and the other was in the last episode where he went for some shirtless action. Some superficial girls in College watched Power Rangers Wild Force because of him. Sadly, the actor was such a jerk that his physical beauty deteriorated to a certain extent.

Tetsuji Tamayama's arrival I believe boosted up ratings of superficial female fans for Gaoranger. Somebody I know really wants to find a boyfriend that looks like him but had no luck whatsoever. However he wasn't much of a hunk to really beat off Ricardo Medina Jr. off the hook though he beats off Philip Andrew in terms of appearance while both play their parts well but he does it better.

Manpei Takagi is definitely more handsome than Aljin Abella aside from being a better martial artist. But seriously that's not what makes him better!

Hirofomu Akagi looks better than Bede Skinner.

Another possible one I'm adding in is... Andrew Gray looking better than Yudai Chiba. Although I'll admit Yudai Chiba can act better than this guy!

Updated on: October 20, 2014.


  1. Uh.... I'm not sure what to say. LOL XD

    But its interesting seeing as how the shows can have their "secret" receptions among fans. :P

  2. I'd never liked troy and I find suzuka morita more cuter than Brittany Ann piritle


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