Slightly Remastered Sentai in Dubs

So far Sentai whenever it was dubbed had some slight alterations aside from the most obvious (cutting out of scenes of sexiness and gore) also had some other remastering done with sounds. However NO crazy edits like Disney's was ever done fortunately.
Bioman when it was dubbed in English had some of these errors I could remember- Bio Robot theme playing instead of the minus one of the opening in some fight scenes, Bioman opening theme playing instead of some other music or sometimes no music at all when it was supposed to be played. One example was in Bioman episode 11 when the music "Sexy Lady" was supposed to be played but there was no sound at all.
Maskman remastered the opening and ending in Tagalog. However the Japanese vocals still existed in the show. However a glitch occurred when the Great Five theme was supposed to stop after the robot was formed but continued on for awhile.
Turboranger when it was remastered featured Tagalog written title cards instead of Japanese. Sadly it was never finished in the Philippines.
Fiveman also had the names of the actors printed in the opening credits when it was shown on TV.
Jetman itself had some remastering at the beginning. For example, in the Philippines, I can remember putting the Japanese names in English letters on the beginning to let the audience know the names of the actors who played them. In fact, one episode had Ako Hayasaka singing a Filipino song in the dub instead of the Japanese song in the original and towards the end when Ryu Tendo sees the ghost of his lover Rie Aoi, Bach's Ave Maria was inserted.


  1. Ah yes. The time of sentai in the Philippines. I believe they are airing Maskman right now?

    So sean. What do you think of these dubs?

  2. @Fantasy Leader- I don't think Maskman is aired right now. Some Filipino stations hardly air edited Sentai and choose to use Power Rangers instead. :-(

  3. Dairanger, kakuranger and ohranger theme song was also translated to Indonesian. But only one error I remember was dairanger theme song. There is a lyric like this: ... ryu ranger, shishi ranger, tenma kirin, houou ranger... But in Indonesian, kirin was translated to giraffe, and houou (phoenix) was peacock, haha


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